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Target - Big Elephant

Hackett and his colleagues have been keeping Ceti (Walter Randall) under close observation as the word is that half a million pounds worth of heroin will shortly be delivered to him by a sailor called Pink (Alan Rebbeck).  408 more words


Anglicon 2015

This event was spectacular.

Anglicon was my first three-day con, as well as my first ‘celebrity’ con, by which I mean the sort where you pay extra for autographs and professional photos, as opposed to the we’re-all-one environment of… 1,386 more words

Doctor Who

Seven Minus Three...

At this point I should be diving headlong into the worlds of the Seventh Doctor. But, after the diversion afforded by the recent Fifth Doctor trilogy, there’s another trilogy that needs some attention. 656 more words

Doctor Who

Tread Who Perilously: Episode 1

Erik and Justin continue their exploration of television with an excursion into the lesser episodes of that sci-fi stalwart, “Doctor Who.” Week one introduces Justin to the Jon Pertwee Doctor as they watch “Day of the Daleks,” the TV version of a Doctor Who novelization Justin read as a pre-teen. 51 more words


An Unearthly Podcast: Day of the Daleks

In our 106th episode, the AUP crew warps into the next Doctor, as we talk about the 3rd Doctor’s first run in with the Daleks!

Science Fiction


It’s coming!

I have many thoughts about this convention. It’s the closest I’m likely to get to Gallifrey One for the foreseeable future, so I hope it’s good. 668 more words

Doctor Who

Jo Grant Has a Word

‘There was just a  we found in each that was so strong and it was a blessing, and as Barry Letts often said that’s what a director absolutely prays for; that he picks people who are going to have chemistry and it makes a huge difference on screen, it really, really does. 71 more words