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REVIEW: Baker's End (Paul Magrs)

Encapsulate the book (well, audio drama) in one sentence?

Welcome to the ‘murksome and swervish’ inside of Tom Baker’s head.

Intriguing, tell me more.

Tom Baker is dead, and hordes of actors are descending upon the village of Happenstance to mourn his departure. 700 more words


Review: Baker’s End — The King of Cats

In a year marked by celebrity death after celebrity death, it’s hard not to look at Tom Baker’s latest project — a trilogy of audio dramas about the death of Tom Baker — without going ‘yes, of course’. 592 more words


Article: Doctor Who Goes X-Rated

This article, unsurprisingly, features images of naked people. If you are in a place where naked people are not deemed acceptable, maybe you should wait until you get home to read it. 815 more words


Iris Wildthyme - "Wildthyme Reloaded"

Iris returns in this box set of eight episodes with each running at 30 minutes each.  This new (shorter) format suits the light, one-shot nature of these stories, and generally is infused with a sense of silly fun that feels like writers and cast having a great time with the material.    1,005 more words

Iris Wildthyme

Doctor Who - The Three Doctors

Since yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of Jon Pertwee’s death, it seemed rather fitting to watch one of his Doctor Who stories as a small tribute.  1,201 more words


Iris Wildthyme - "Wildthyme at Large" and "The Devil In Ms. Wildthyme"

– Review by Andy Jenkins –

Iris Wildthyme At Large / The Devil In Ms. Wildthyme

Even long term Doctor Who fans can be forgiven for not immediately recognizing the character… 1,018 more words

Iris Wildthyme