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First Post (Introduction)

Greetings Fellow Equestrians,

     My name is Rowan Mills, but most people call me Row (which I love). I live in Katy, Texas. I have been riding horses for 8 and 1/2 years now. 144 more words


Rage away, Katy!

We cannot frickin’ wait until our hair is this long. One day.


10 Things I Have NOT Learned in College

All of these are things I should have learned, but just can’t seem to. I’ve tried the easy way and the hard way and yet I still haven’t learned some of these lessons. 707 more words


Artistic Co Engagement

Here are some of our 3D designs, built in both 3D studio Max and Lightwave 7.0. 3D modeling was an outlet for us when drawing wasn’t something we were ready to attempt. 19 more words


Inception: Dreams or the Quantum Wave? (Data pipe)

We know we are spun up and splitting, and it looks like someone who enjoys science is trying to peek his/her head out for a bit so we though we would keep writing. 208 more words


Mandela Effect and Quantum Physics?

Our theory of life being a quantum simulation is only strengthened with the application of the Mandela Effect.

Let’s assume for a moment, our world/reality is a quantum simulation. 719 more words


United 93 or alters/personas fighting for control?

Hello lovelies! :D 9/11 (or whatever you think 9/11 was) was a serious problem. When 9/11 happened, it hit us HARD. After the event happened, we stopped creating art for a good year.   58 more words