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Mindful katydid 3

My husband knows that even in my great fear of the katydid I would not want him run over by a car so he graciously let him crawl on his shoe to remove him from the road. 19 more words

Reingelugt - Peer through

Eines Morgens am Fenster im Büro… Ich schaute raus, sie schaute rein. Das kleine Laubschreckenweibchen schien an meiner Arbeit sehr interessiert zu sein.

One morning at the window in the office… 140 more words


Katydid and Buddha

PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DAY! November 2, 2017

I discovered this insect – what I believe to be a Mexican Bush Katydid (Scudderia mexicana) – walking on one of my outdoor buddhas today. 123 more words

Photography & Art

A miniature world

Autumn is supposed to be the time when life shuts down, trees dry up, the land turns barren. Demeter is supposed to withdraw from the world to mourn for Persephone. 197 more words


Winged Grasshopper?

Playing out in the yard with my 3 year old, and we see this thing flying around. It looks like a grasshopper with wings! I’d never seen one before; after a trusty Google search, I’ve discovered it’s a… 45 more words



Curiously of a sudden

a fork-tailed bush katydid (scudderia furcata)*

appears, out of somewhere, to greet

the latest monarch release.

* 28 more words


Song of the Katydids

With respect to completing the Grid for September, I was full of valiant intention, prepared to squeeze hikes in at odd hours, take the month’s last week off entirely, whatever it would take — but there was still the sore ankle to contend with.   1,579 more words