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Kaufman, one of Mags’ informants, is a member of the Port Authority in the Martian Warehousing Zone. He has a son named Anton. Because the Martian warehouses both supply and receive goods from mining operations in The Belt, and thus with Earth, anyone with access to their data would be a potential goldmine for a smuggler like Mags. 48 more words

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a visit from the dragon

Ahoy, scalawag! Listen, before we wrap up the scene at the strip club, there’s something you should know. I sure wish I had known about it before that day, because it would have saved me and Tarzi sooo much trouble later on. 964 more words

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below the belt

Ahoy! Mags here with another slab of deeply profound literature for ya. If you’ve been following me and Tarzi’s first year together, then you’re just as ready as he was to go on the most dangerous mission of all… One of my strip club gigs! 1,590 more words

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These Broken Stars by Kaufman and Spooner

I thought long and hard about how I should attack this first post before I realized I was just making the dilemma worse by overthinking it, which is something not uncommon for me to do so I decided that the best way to go at this particular situation is head on, diving face first, right in, like on a sticky humid summer day into a pool full of jello. 1,070 more words


All My Friends Are Superheroes

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 108

Publisher: Telegram Books

Source: Bookshop

Format: Bound Book

Rating: 5 stars

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Church Van Tagged with Racist Slur; Family's Puppy Poisoned

KAUFMAN, TX — A church van, spray painted with a racist message, and a family’s puppy poisoned. It’s the kind of story that will make you furious, and it all happened in Kaufman! 293 more words


Senior Banned From Graduation Over Can of Beer

KAUFMAN, TX – It’s that time of the year when students gear up to take their final steps from high school to the real world. But the real world is full of rules and zero tolerance. 217 more words