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Oh Happy Day!

If you saw the post about our house (“A Virtual Tour“), you might have noticed that it was devoid of any of our personal items. 374 more words


Places: the Fruit & Veggie Guy

We have a large grocery store on campus called Tamimi.  There’s a smaller version of the same in a different place on campus. And then there’s what I call “the fruit & vegetable guy.” Our grocery store sells produce, but I like going to the fruit & vegetable guy because it’s generally cheaper than what I can get in the store. 160 more words


Places: the Ladies' Gym

There are 2 sports clubs and a racquet club on campus.  We have access to all of them, but I frequent the Harbor Sports Club most regularly. 409 more words


Places: Saco World

This is the second installment of my “Places” series.  You can read the first installment about the movie theater on campus by clicking here. 571 more words


Exploring Old Jeddah

This weekend, we had the opportunity to take a KAUST-led tour of Old Jeddah. It was a full day, but the weather was actually quite pleasant so it made for a nice one. 716 more words


Scientists have invented a new glass coating for omnidirectional solar panels

Catching sunlight at every angle.

One of the limitations of current solar panel technology is the panels need to be facing in a certain direction to make the most of the Sun’s rays, otherwise the amount of energy they can absorb drops off dramatically. 426 more words

Places: Discovery Square Cinema

Note: This is the first of many posts in this “series” on places around KAUST (on and off campus).  I will post these periodically in the midst of other posts, but you’ll know when a post is a part of this series because it will be titled “Places: .”  So, without further ado… 672 more words