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Cleaning Waste Water and Salt Water with a Solar Heater Inspired by the Lotus Flower: KAUST

Chemical tricks improve the efficiency and durability of photothermal membranes that use sunlight to turn water into steam.

A point-of-use solar distillation device that can clean up saltwater and wastewater without producing greenhouse gases has been constructed by a research team from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) 452 more words


The Promise of Solar -Quantum Dots Improve the Performance of Cost Effective Processed Solar Cells

The triplet state lifetime varies with the distance and the strength of binding between the porphyrin and the surface of the quantum dot.

Nanotechnology could improve the efficiency of organic photovoltaic technology, researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have demonstrated1. 428 more words


Ramadhan dan Eid di KAUST

Tadinya mau tulis “Ramadhan and Eid in Saudi Arabia” sebagai judul, tapi karena saya ga ke luar KAUST sepanjang Ramadhan, kayaknya judul di atas lebih cocok. 603 more words


Publication: Topological explorations in MOFs

This paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, from my friends and ex colleagues Dalal and Abdul Malik contain one of the most amazing network topologies I have seen so far ! 264 more words


:: Kuliah di Negeri Haramain

(Sumber: http://kipmi.or.id/kuliah-di-negeri-haramain.html)

Belajar di Arab Saudi bukan merupakan hal yang baru bagi pelajar Indonesia. Jauh sebelum Indonesia merdeka, telah banyak penuntut ilmu dari penjuru nusantara belajar di negeri haramain ini, negeri di mana dua tanah suci umat Islam (Mekkah dan Madinah) berada. 1,003 more words


KAUST: Branching out into Solar Cells

The fabrication of branched titanium dioxide nanomaterials enhances the connectivity in solar cells for a better performance.

Electrical contacts made of branched titanium dioxide nanowires developed by developed by researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) could improve the efficiency of solar cells. 402 more words


QD Solar Brings Quantum Dot - Cell Technology into the Light

Funding from KAUST is helping to bring innovative solar power technology to fruition with startup company QD Solar.

Enabling researchers to take their ideas from the earliest research stages right through to the development and commercialization of a final product is a foundation goal at… 627 more words