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Ending the semester with burgers and baseball

The Cultural Exchange Network celebrated the end of a busy spring semester with a Durham Bulls game and a cookout.

There were 473 students involved in CENet activities throughout the semester, and 18 students received a certificate of completion for participating in 10 or more hours of activities during the semester. 52 more words


Swing! Batter..Batter!

Self-directed groups (SDGs, as they are commonly known) are essentially the social/athletic/common interest clubs at KAUST.  There are SDGs for just about everything.  Even so, if you want to start up a new one, there are a few simple procedures you have to follow, and boom! 347 more words


That time we tried to buy a house in a retirement community

A few years ago, when Ashley and I were house hunting in Durham, NC we would get in our car and drive around different parts of town, exploring neighborhoods while dreaming and planning. 401 more words


Catching more "Sun"

Combining quantum dots and organic molecules can enable solar cells to capture more of the sun’s light.

Light from the sun is our most abundant source of renewable energy, and learning how best to harvest this radiation is key for the world’s future power needs. 416 more words


Settling In...4 months later!

We are officially moved in!

I know what you’re thinking… we’ve been here for nearly 4 months, and we’re JUST NOW moved in?

Kind of. Our sea shipment arrived on Sunday, and with it everything we planned to move to Saudi Arabia has arrived! 311 more words


A long and winding road to Postdoc (2)

Melanjutkan bagian pertama: A long and winding road to postdoc (1)

Singkat cerita… komunikasi saya dengan calon professor berlangsung sekitar 3 bulan lamanya melalui email. Pada berapa kasus postdoc yang melamar ke KAUST, professor akan mengontak calon postdoc melalui skype dan berinteraksi langsung pelamar. 809 more words


A long and winding road to Postdoc (1)

Rangkaian tulisan ini bertujuan untuk merangkum “perjalanan panjang” saya melamar posisi Postdoctoral Fellow di King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) dari Jepang. Semoga memberikan manfaat bagi sesiapa saja yang membutuhkan info ini. 980 more words