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Ramadan - Kaust 2017

Alhamdulillah, today mark the first day (27 May 2017) of the blessed month of Ramadan. This is the month where Muslims all over the world observe ‘fasting’ or ‘sawm.’ Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn till dusk. 511 more words


See how easy it is to keep track of things

In my line of work, there are just too many things to keep track.  Among them are meetings, project datelines, notes, troubleshooting issues, expiration dates of e-resources, renewal dates, license agreements, metadata issues, access questions, ebook/e-journal requests,   … the list keeps going on. 528 more words


From Millennium ERM to Proquest 360 Resource Manager: Our library's Journey

I’ve just completed the slides for the Electronic Resources Management Systems ERMS project.  Highlighted the library’s journey to the new ERMS – Proquest 360 Resource Manager.  216 more words


Global Bike to Work Day

Today is Global Bike to Work Day.  The challenge is simple: use your bike to commute to school or work! This is a chance to get in a little extra exercise, and by not taking your car, you are making a small dent in that pesky pollution problem. 388 more words


Sundays are important ...

Why? Well, the library gets the most number of questions via LibAnswers on Sundays especially between 9am- 12pm.  Most questions that the library received revolved around the electronic resources issues as well as circulation issues. 110 more words


Get a ticket, wait in line and we'll resolve your E-Resources Issue

Just completed my first draft of my paper entitled: An Exploratory study on the use of LibAnswers to Resolve, Track and Monitor Electronic Resources Issues: The KAUST Library experience… 156 more words


Proses aplikasi VISA kerja Postdoc dari Jepang ke KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Tulisan ini juga diterbitkan oleh situs KAUSTINA: Putra-putri bangsa di tepi laut merah (www.kaustina.org) bulan Maret 2017 silam. Saya re-post di sini dengan harapan dapat tersebar lebih luas lagi. 2,307 more words