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Kay Ryan's Mastery of Internal Rhyme

Rhyme is often regarded as being a quintessential feature of poetry. Words chime at regularly points, harking back to earlier ones and reaching out to new ones. 980 more words


two by Barry Spacks

In an interview with Grace Cavalieri, Kay Ryan talks about a certain “chill” and restraint she feels is necessary to writing:

I sometimes compare the chill to say, if you put an ice cube on your hand, your hand – your skin would turn pink when you took the ice cube away, and you’d see that your skin was pink where you’d had that ice, because your blood is all sent to where the chill was. 439 more words

Short story: Treatments by Robert Coover, from the New Yorker, April 2018. Recommended.

Poem: Houdini by Kay Ryan, listened to on the Poem of the Day podcast, from April 2018. 19 more words

The Ray Bradbury Challenge

2017 Poetry Project

Click here to read my poetry reading of a poem by Aphra Behm. But before dad and I post more poetry recordings, check out last years playlist by… 11 more words

Dailies 3/9/18

 Lee Sharkey – Kaethe Kollwitz, Self-Portrait (1923)

I secretly expected God would provide a ram for the sacrifice,
that willingness to sacrifice would be enough. 114 more words

Cold Comfort

As we wait in this dry Siberian north-easterly airflow for the arrival of Storm Emma here are a couple of poems of cold comfort.

The plan, as I understand it, is for Emma to bring her warm wet Atlantic air from Portugal and feed it into the bitter dry draught from the East. 194 more words


Something Wonderful

I saw this in a Poetry in Motion selection and wanted to share it:


As neatly as peas
in their green canoe,
as discretely as beads… 44 more words