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A Day at the UW-O

I am a sophomore at the UW-Oshkosh. It’s pretty fun during summers, no more winters. You could literally do anything you want. The fun things that I mainly prefer are:

  1. Kayaking
  2. Running
  3. Sports
  4. Dinners

Easy paddling in Southern Washington / Northern Oregon

I’ve been looking up a lot of easy but rewarding places to paddle this Memorial Day weekend and since we can’t do them all in one long weekend I want to keep the list for next time! 209 more words


The Flat Paddle Society

I am a paid-up member of the Flat Paddle Society. Boat-maker at Pope’s Canoe Centre, Owen Hemingway was alarmed that I even existed in the year 2016 and earnestly (more of ‘earnest’ later) explained to me how much more efficient a wing paddle is than a flat blade, demonstrating with a teaspoon under a flowing tap. 221 more words


My First Blog at UWO

My favorite things about UWO is as follows:

  1. Friends
  2. Extra Curricular
  3. Outta Class Activities
  4. Bear with me it’s a class :)

Misty Mountain Hop: Two Days in Ha Long Bay

Being an avid fan of jigsaw puzzles, I had been familiar with Ha Long Bay and its incredible scenery for a long time.  And while I am not a fan of boats or deep water, putting this on our list of things to do in Vietnam was a no-brainer.  837 more words


Who am I? I AM ME!

My name is April. Born and raised in Northern California. I am a part time college student working to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I am an only child of a deceased mother and an….indescribable -for lack of a nicer word- father. 568 more words