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10 Useful Travel Websites

The internet is full of both amazing, and absolutely crap, information when it comes to travel. From hotel reviewers to flight search engines and blogs on how to get the best backpacker deals, there’s everything you could imagine on the internet, plus a bit more. 647 more words


City of Saskatoon warns of hazards to kayakers underneath new Traffic Bridge

The construction of the new Traffic Bridge has created a narrow channel with a fast current and people are asked not travel underneath it on the South Saskatchewan River. 208 more words


Dream Destination


You seem magical.

With your maze of rock islands, your lush,green scenery, and don’t forget about those crystal clear waters!

Now lets get to the fun facts: Locally the island nation is known as Belau and it was actually the Germans who gave it is current name. 115 more words

Dream Destination