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You often hear it said that canoeing and kayaking are for those who don’t enjoy (or don’t think they’re very good at) traditional team sports such as football or hockey. 130 more words


Xtreme Sports

If you were in a crowded room and you had to pick the person into xtreme sports, you’d never choose this wobbly woman with the walking stick but perhaps it’s my broken wings which turns even a humble walk into an agonising fall, resulting in an X-ray and a broken foot. 861 more words


Dancer's Spotlight: Other Forms of Exercise That Dancers Do Other Than Dance

Did you know that professional basketball and football players use ballet to enhance their performance on the field? The finesse, strength and flexibility that is demanded in ballet is also needed during games on the field and the court. 758 more words

North Post

I find myself finding my way back ‘home’ that being northwestern BC, even though, I no longer live there. My family doesn’t hold any property in the area, which feels disorienting, but the views always belonged to everyone, and they’re always welcoming when I get to go back. 784 more words


April Wine of the Month

April showers bring May flowers…winter has lost its tight grip on us, but summer is not quite here to bask in all its sunny glory. This brings us to rosé, a wine that is not white, but is also not all red. 303 more words