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Råcksta in -2C

A crisp December morning, -2C and a bit of wind. The lake is starting to freeze, so Peter and I had better catch the moment. 40 more words


Instruction for Inclusion!

Saturday night pool party? Well, close!  :)

Community organizations, please contact us at edu@harborlab.org to arrange for your mature teens and adults to learn basic kayaking safety and paddle strokes so that by spring they can join us on longer and more adventurous tours! 135 more words

My Quick Update

Quick update:

While I’m getting ready to head out on my next trip, the post should be ready in about two weeks, I decided that I would post a list of some of the locations I’ve visited. 172 more words


A Place to Watch the Seasons

The marshes along Raymond’s Gut are filled with life and it is easiest to understand the diversity of life we see here by thinking of the gut as a watery game trail leading to the White Oak River.   9 more words

Crystal Coast

I did an Iron Man...sort of

If you know me, you will be aware of the fact that I take great pride in my rigorous gym routine. On any given Saturday prior to commencing this adventure, I would walk from my car to the Woolworths 10 metres away and stock up on a weekend supply of Romany Creams and Coke (Zero of course – got to watch those love handles). 911 more words


Introducing myself.

Hello readers, (that is if there is anyone who reads this)

So a little insight to you why I am doing this, I doing this so I can get my thoughts out there and if anyone is going thought what i speak about now that they are not the only people out there. 932 more words