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Shore Watersports Paddlesports Weekend, July 16-17

Summer’s calendar of events is certainly filling up with more diary dates being added as we speak. The latest gathering to be confirmed is Shore Watersports’ annual Paddlesports Weekend which takes place on the shores of East Wittering, West Sussex. 42 more words


Boxing Bay kayaking

A friend recommended Boxing Bay as a great place to kayak.  I drove from Kingscote along North Cape Road to get to the beach.  The road started off bitumen, then gravel and finished a two wheel track.   279 more words


Thankful Once Again...

Oh man… once again it’s Thursday! Seems that I just typed up a list… or did I even forget it last Thursday??? Seems this girl here is pathetic with remembering things, even with a phone reminder that pops up every Thursday! 241 more words


Kayaking to Escambia Bay Today...

It was hot but I wanted to be in motion (motion is life) so I hit the water on little blue.

There was a big fire a few miles away… 41 more words


Positive Phototropism, Growing towards the Light

Positive Phototropism: In a nutshell means this, if you put a plant in the closet, but leave the door open, the plant will grow towards the light. 177 more words

Puppy on Board

As they made their way down the marina waterway, I noticed that these kayaker’s were thoughtful enough to give puppy her own ride, how cute is that!


Kayaking and Camping Bliss at Isla Espíritu Santo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

I nose my kayak toward a deserted beach. Well…deserted except for six tents, a tarp, and two of our guides who have been setting up camp while our group paddles through the turquoise water. 919 more words