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Are they addicted to their own venom?

Apparently the old batch of Let’s Adopt! Global haters have found themselves a new hang-up place. This is what one of our friends stumbled upon and sent us. 269 more words

Let's Adopt Global

Matt and Kim Add Shine with New Glow

On April 7th, alternative band Matt and Kim released their 4th studio album called New Glow. I got introduced to Matt and Kim via MTV (shocking because they hardly play music anymore) but it’s true. 223 more words

Fandoms, Fandoms, and More Fandoms

Hello people of the Internet! In the past 50 years or so, musicians and their fan-bases have been changing drastically. Before, if there was a musician you loved, you’d subscribe to their fan-base and get a monthly package of photos and new touring dates – those sorts of things. 891 more words


Building Self-Confidence Through Video Games

Growing up, I was not allowed to play video games. My parents were very against them and claimed that playing video games would cause me to become violent and less intelligent. 651 more words


Post Easter exercise

How many of you over-dosed on chocolate this Easter?  As much as I love Easter, my body is starting to show the shock I have put it through! 161 more words


Room Tour / Photostory

It’ll only be a short post today, not much has been happening lately. The only thing I have done is furnished a space in my cupboard for four of my dolls. 180 more words


Traveling back in time with Outlander

Note: Today’s post includes spoilers – read at your own risk.

Outlander is a TV show that airs on Starz and is based on a series of… 601 more words