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What we learned from applying the ONA’s art of “Insight Role” and manipulation, we turned into a science called “Glamour Magic.” Its a dumb name, but its an accurate descriptor. 3,060 more words

Kayla Itsines BBG äpp vaid 1 dollariga!

Kuna tean, et minu sõprade ja lugejate seas on nii mõnigi trennisõber, siis kirjutan siia ka tänase päeva suurest trenniuudisest! Need keda BBG või muud sellised asjad ei huvita, võivad senikaua rahuliku südamega  Youtubes… 242 more words


Looking Out at the Views While Sipping Lemonade

Recently, two of my favorite artists, Beyoncé and Drake, released albums (Lemonade & Views). Beyoncé has wowed the world once again with a visual album. 519 more words


Sunday is our event that shows the community what we have done and what we accomplished. Grant is in charge of printing off the brochures, I am in charge of making sure everyone shows up, Johnathon is in charge of passing them out while telling the community what we did. 12 more words



I won’t be here today or tomorrow, so I am hoping my group finishes up for our project. We have so far completed a brochure in our advertising section for people to know what our group is about and what we have done. 48 more words



Today, I was absent and not able to be with my group. However, I was able to finish the brochure and to make sure we had what we needed on it. 137 more words