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Chet Buchanan Breaks Grammy News to Bruno Mars

The Chet Buchanan Show got to surprise Bruno Mars with some amazing Grammy News. You know how chill Bruno is so you have to hear this reaction.


Black Friday Shopping Got Chet In An AWKWARD Situation

TODAY on The Chet Buchanan Show:

– The Terrible Herbst Spence’s Challenge Jackpot was back at 7:25a. You could have won $1,198. Play tomorrow for your chance at the cash. 48 more words


Netflix & No Chill?

P1 Sandra emailed The Chet Buchanan Show in need of some advice… Sandra has gone on three dates with this new hot guy she really likes. 132 more words


Chets Randoms for 11/17/17

Here are some random facts for you…

“Gone With the Wind” hit theaters on December 15th, 1939 . . . exactly four months after “The Wizard of Oz”, which premiered on August 15th, 1939. 94 more words


The Chet Buchanan Show PODCAST: Wednesday, Nov. 15th

Blake Shelton was named “Sexiest Man Alive”?? Interesting, but Chet has a better suggestion. And our good friend Harry Connick Jr. calls the show. PLUS, Spence’s Challenge got VERY intense today. 19 more words


Spence's Challenge: Wednesday Nov. 15th

Think you could take on Spence in Spence’s Challenge? It’s a five question pop-culture trivia game where you can win up to $248 in the Terrible Herbst Spence’s Challenge Jackpot for a tie! 111 more words


The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 11/15/17

Nia and Robert Tobert of Maryland will never forget the day their first child was born in 2011. They will also never forget when their twin boys were born in 2015… Now, they’ll never forget the day their three triplets were born in 2017! 45 more words