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Kayla's back.

Looks like this blog has been in a bit of a hiatus! Sorry for our absences, we have all be going through a lot of changes. 115 more words


Too Much Love (photostory)

The girls are back at Aquifolia High School for another day of learning.

“Danika!” Zapp shouts, waving his way through the chairs and tables of Room 26B. 368 more words


Is Kayla's Relationship Doomed?

Kayla and her boyfriend spent their first Valentines Day with a playful dinner at Dave & Busters, and a good night sleep. But doesn’t that seem a little dull and boring for their First Ever Valentines Day? 37 more words


Help! A Blind Date on Valentines Day?

Anna’s friends have set her up on a blind date… ON VALENTINES DAY! She has no problem with blind dates, but really? On Valentines Day? Does she go, or not go? 40 more words


Miss Kayla Foster 

To know Kayla is to know…and I mean this in the most respectable way possible, Kayla is very head strong. There is no answer she does not know because she will take the annoyingly, meticulous time to find the answer. 694 more words

Blog Talk

BROCODE Cost Me My Girlfriend!

Adam called the show asking for some advice to help his already broken relationship. Him and his girlfriend moved into a quiet apartment complex 3 years ago, but recently a new neighbor moved upstairs… Who has… 42 more words


Normal Weekend

This weekend we didn’t have any plans, and we didn’t just arrive making it our first “normal weekend” in South Africa.

On Friday Leo and I went with our new friends from the park, Alix and her son Jean around Joburg. 933 more words