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The Return Of Adele

Adele makes her triumphant return to music with her third album 25. It’s been four years since her record-breaking, chart-topping, award-winning, critically acclaimed sophomore album, … 419 more words

Say You Did It

Hi guys! First off, I want to thank you so much for checking out the newest features of my blog! I really appreciate your patience and your ongoing support!! 759 more words


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My friend Kayla keeps inspiring me with her words. Check out her latest blog post.

People are so afraid to enjoy life and follow their dreams. I say just go for it! Time is waiting for no one which is why I’ve positioned myself to be able to follow my dreams, achieve goals, take risks, and enjoy life! Jobs, bills, school etc shouldn't stop you from doing any of that! It’s your choice, everyone. I won't look back one day wishing I could have or should have, but will be able to say I did it” -Kayla

Interview with J Alkhadhiri

I met J on the first day of school here at Philadelphia University. I was sitting alone at the opening pep rally and J decided to come up and sit next to me. 596 more words

How to Make French Crepes

Here is a simple and easy recipe for French Crepes. Crepes are a French national food that come from the Britanny region of France. They are a very thin pancake, typically made of wheat flour. 18 more words


Push that belly

One of the hardest parts to get just the way you want is the stomach-area, or let’s be a bit more friendly your belly.
As a woman I’m “blessed” with a natural layer of fat protect my ow so important organs. 360 more words


Blessed with a Wilder Mind

Dear Kayla,

Yesterday, I told two friends about you. I said, “November 17th.” I don’t know why the day you were found sticks in my head more than the day you disappeared. 756 more words

Duncan Middle FBLA Teams Up With Kayla Cares 4 Kids

The Duncan Middle FBLA chapter, the largest middle level chapter in America with 300 active members, is joining forces with Kayla Care 4 Kids.

Kayla Cares 4 Kids, which was founded by Duncan Middle eighth grader Kayla Abramowitz, has a mission. 105 more words