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The Prada of Satanism

The essence of Satanism, as we understand it in 352 can be seen as a kind of Buddhism, minus the bullshit. In 352, Satanism is a religion of nonreligion with three main focuses 1) The Rational deification of the physical human self; 2) The Liberation of the mental human self from religion; and 3) The progression to Enlightenment through direct existential experience of life. 1,114 more words

Other Side of the Ocean: First Dive [Part 2 of 3]

The submarine glided on the smooth waters of this distant world, returning to its point of origin. The city directly ahead was starting to become better defined as the sub approached, and the planet rising behind the city gave a strange glow upon the dusk looking sky. 2,151 more words


Trip to Trinidad

At this time of year, we are deep into planning for our upcoming turtle season on the field boat and at the Sea Turtle Centre… 1,067 more words


Around the House

Monica and Kayla and I were all living together.  A big group of us had eaten dinner (more than just the three of us.)  I had gone over to a sink in another room to wash dishes, and I started getting upset that no one else was doing dishes.   37 more words



Today, we met with Mrs.Taylor to go over our group’s outline. April 23 we went to the nursing home with the intentions of playing games with the residents and eating snacks with them. 171 more words



Today, we worked on a timeline that shows what we have completed so far. We also had to make another timeline showing what we will be doing in the future to make our group project more efficient. 77 more words


Sarah J. Maas's World of Assassins

I read an article a couple of weeks ago announcing that an adult coloring book based on the Throne of Glass series would be released. It will be released on… 304 more words