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Puppy update!!!-Meet Tycho

Adopted 5/30/17, born 3/16/17!!

We have the cutest puppy, he loves sticks, playing fetch, playing with other dogs, food, and snuggles!! He’s gotten so big since we first got him at the end of May, and we love him so much.

Grief and Loss

It is amazing to me the drastic change the loss of a loved one can have on a person. I feel like I am somehow the same person and different ever since losing my best friend…it’s been almost three years now somehow. 189 more words


The Eclipse of 1962...

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stared at the eclipse this Monday without protection? Well meet Lou Tomososki, who looked directly at an eclipse back in 1962, while walking back home from school. 71 more words


The Election Part II ~ photostory

Where I last left off, ex-best friends Catrina and Emily had just finished their speeches -Catrina focusing on educational changes, and Emily focusing on material changes. 676 more words


Best Friend For Hire, Entry 300

“You’re that girl!” exclaimed Deyanira just after she entered the room. She had slept in one of the guest rooms shortly after getting clean clothes. 1,595 more words

Dirty Phone Break-Up?

Today, P1 Rebecca called the show to explain how she’s at a “breaking point” with her boyfriend “Brian.” Apparently, his IPhone is disgusting! It’s covered in a gross layer of “sticky sap” that leaves residue on anyone who touches it! 70 more words


Barbie 2017 School Fashion Pack

When shopping on Amazon some time ago, I was immediately, I was drawn to the Aztec fashions -not the school fashions. However, upon arrival, I realise that I do like the school fashions much better. 237 more words

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