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A toy musical instrument in which a membrane is vibrated by the performer’s voice.

My little brother has been driving me insane with his constant playing of his new kazoo that father gave him.



Indie rock trio Bad Bad Hats, comprised of Kerry Alexander (vocals, guitar, wisdom), Chris Hoge (drums, courage), and Noah Boswell (bass, power), are releasing their buzzworthy full-length debut album, … 1,640 more words


Chautauqua Community Band gears up for another buzz-worthy performance

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The Chautauqua Community Band plays its 25th Annual Independence Day Concert at 12:15 p.m. Saturday on Bestor Plaza.

For Martha Reitman, the Chautauqua Community Band’s principal kazoo player, the humdrum rhythm of retirement wasn’t going to cut it. 594 more words

Chautauqua Institution

Bubbles & Kazoos

I had a memory invade my thoughts this morning.
It was one that brought me back to being outside in the hot summer sun, in another city listening to Bluegrass music being played over large speakers in a crowded park for a music festival. 445 more words

Fourth Grade Field Trip (Tanka)

the twenty eight kids

in a meadow of tall grass

and wild iris

while making grass blade whistles

mimic a flock of kazoos



Jag är fortfarande medborgare i the United Kingdom och måste därför kontakta en svensk myndighet som heter Migrationsverket med jämna mellanrum för att skriva under några papper och svara på några frågor och så där. 707 more words

Del Dettmar

Listen Up! "K" is for Kazoo

The lovely, classical kazoo. A mouth instrument, like the jaw harp, but the kazoo is considered a membranophone, because the instrument uses a vibrating membrane to modify the player’s voice. 34 more words