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Listen Up! "K" is for Kazoo

The lovely, classical kazoo. A mouth instrument, like the jaw harp, but the kazoo is considered a membranophone, because the instrument uses a vibrating membrane to modify the player’s voice. 34 more words


VIDEO: Madonna & Jimmy Fallon Perform 'Holiday' On Kid's Toy Insturments

Jimmy Fallon has done it again.

He got Madonna to perform “Holiday” along with his house band The Roots on The Tonight Show.

There was a catch though… 41 more words


Berklee Pierces The Membranophone

Berklee College of Music celebrated April Fools’ Day today with a funny, well-produced video (which no one paid me to share or endorse) that made the spoon a little fuller for an instrument that already takes a fair amount of shit: 592 more words

White trash...

Spring is bringing new faces to happy beach. People have ventured outside to care for gardens, prune orchards, repair homes and the houses to let. And there are leisurely visitors too. 83 more words

Bottle Tops

Awesome 3D Printable 'Life Hacks'

Today we’ll be taking a look at a few awesome 3D printable products which have officially reached ‘life hack’ status.

Amidst our more serious blog posts, this entry will be about easy-to-use, and more importantly, easy-to-make products which may not change the world – but will definitely help to put a smile on people’s faces. 631 more words


KAZOO Class at The Master Musician!

If a MINION can do it, so can YOU!!!

The Master Musician proudly presents
Come learn to play the Kazoo on April 4th!
All you do is HUM!!! 31 more words

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