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Ehnother Podcast S04E02 - Just Kazoo!


Hi everyone, my computer shut down and I lost all the links. The only ones I remember are the Kids react to – The Nintendo GameBoy… 22 more words


National Kazoo Day!!!


January 28 is National Kazoo Day, an unofficial holiday recognizing more than a century and a half of kazoo music in the United States. 187 more words


Playing the Comb

Now, I’ve never been very musical. I tried to learn to play a guitar, even took lessons once and learned a few chords, which I soon forgot. 624 more words


Mickey Mouse Kazoo

This product is somewhat misnamed. The Mickey Mouse Kazoo is more like a blowhorn that one would use at a college pep rally. Have a look for yourself: 109 more words


(Spooky) Rockin' Patent - Kusan, Inc's "Kazoo And Face Mask Combination"

  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. US3,883,982
  • Filed: April 5, 1974
  • Assignee (owner): Kusan, Inc
  • Title: Kazoo And Face Mask Combination
  • What’s claimed: “The combination with a face mask having a substantially vertical slot in each side of the mouth area; of a vertically disposed kazoo diaphragm support having ends inserted in the slots for support thereby; and a cord for encircling the head of the wearer to retain said mask thereon”.
  • 29 more words