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kazoo magazine no. 004

Spring 2017 Kazoo Magazine
Issue 004

editor-in-chief: Erin Bried
art director: Nia E. Lawrence
photo editor: Andie Diemer

art concept + photo research + retouching: Andie Diemer

Photo Research

The Great Kazoo mystery

It was blowing a gale last night. I can deal with that, in fact, I rather like it. There is something rather lovely about being tucked up under the covers of a nice warm bed while the wind howls outside and you feel all safe and cosy inside. 424 more words


Day 49: On My Own, Pretending Pizza's Beside Meeeee...

Actually I didn’t have to pretend in the end because I managed to cajole my dad into letting me order Dominos.

I could barely speak on Saturday because a combination of having a cough in the first place and then yelling all night in loud bars meant that my voice had gone walkies. 561 more words


Just for a tipple,

We had a a wee quibble,

About the perks of playing kazoo,

Then just for a laugh,

I stole a giraffe, 9 more words

Donald Trump's staff now communicating using Kazoos.

from our political editor and Stylophonist Of The Year runner-up, Danny SoZ

In a move designed to prevent further illegal leaks of private government business by the security services, the president’s inner circle will now communicate with each other by blowing into a Kazoo. 60 more words


January 28th National Kazoo Day

If there is one musical instrument that everyone can play it’s the kazoo. Naturally, some are better than others and some should not even try this simple instrument, but it requires very little skill and only the minimal musical ear. 199 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Sibling Rivalry

My brother is about two and a half years younger than me, so you can probably imagine the kinds of fights we had! For two and a half years I had both my parents’ full attention and adoration, not that I was bratty or anything. 725 more words