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Seven Must See NBA Games

Writer: Caleb Apkan

h/t SB Nation

Time is flying, and the NBA season is less than a month away. If you’re hungry enough for games that you’ll watch preseason, there’s only twelve days of waiting. 1,067 more words


Ep. 49: Nobody Really Cares What Your Penis Looks Like

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about the use of social media and secret accounts including Kevin Durant’s, the best place to live on earth (19:18), Nick’s last medical experience and making sure you always have on clean underwear (28:55), the current NFL season (44:42) and more.


Bottomless mimosas and avocado toast: The story of Soumeng Chea

Soumeng Chea is a junior majoring in political science with a minor in French. He says the reason why he chose UMass Lowell a few years back is because “they gave me the most financial aid compared to all of the other schools .” 133 more words

Falling leaves and fall breezes: The story of Andrew Costello

Andrew Costello, junior history major, said he is looking forward to the upcoming month, but not the upcoming amount of assignments on his plate.

He is looking forward to it because he says October is his favorite month for weather. 137 more words

Nike KD 10 Performance Review

First Opinion:

At first glance, the Nike KD 10 looks like the Nike KD 9 got stripped down. The materials looks to be identical but the knitting pattern isn’t the same. 1,081 more words


Kevin Durant has validated his status as a little bitch

Kevin Durant. Second best player in the world. Hall-of-fame lock. Top 10 offensive weapons ever. Champion. MVP.

Bitch. Snake. Pussy. 294 more words

Pizza, Junior Mints and broccoli: The story of Shaylyn Davis

When Shaylyn Davis, senior political science major, is not dreaming of hanging out with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, she says she distracts herself by reading and watching TV shows “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office.” 102 more words