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Yankees and weather: The story of Jeremiah Lluberes

Sophomore criminal justice major Jeremiah Lluberes said that a fun fact about him is that he is a huge fan of a baseball team that rivals the Boston Red Sox. 267 more words

Holidays and helping others: The story of Nicole Rosario

Junior psychology major Nicole Rosario says she is looking forward to spending the holidays with her family, and in particular, celebrating Christmas.

“I have a big family. 212 more words

Honesty and post-midterm feelings: The story of Sara Nelson

If sophomore chemical engineering major Sara Nelson could be anywhere, she said she would be in her bed because of how tired she felt.

“I’m worn out from killing it at midterms, and I just want to sleep and it’s warm there,” she said. 144 more words

Catfish and superpowers: The story of Sam Krovocheck

Senior liberal arts major Sam Krovocheck, worried about the symmetry of his hair in a photograph, said that his hair has to look like a sphere otherwise he would look like a “nutty professor or Einstein.” 275 more words

Naps and Reese's: The story of Tori Gouveia

Senior criminal justice major Tori Gouveia says she does not like Reese’s, which is a candy many would consider to be their favorite around this time of year. 254 more words