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KDE neon CMake Package Validation

In KDE neon‘s constant quest of raising the quality bar of KDE software and neon itself, I added a new tool to our set of quality assurance tools. 168 more words


How To Set Up VirtualBox on Windows Video

Expanding on the written guide I just posted I’ve also put together a short video tutorial for you as well. If you like it and it helped you out don’t forget to like and subscribe!


ReleaseMe CI States, Help, Git

Since we recently wired up the KDE release tool releaseme with KDE neon’s git-build technology I had the opportunity to spend some quality time on the code and managed to sneak in a load of both quality and speed improvements as well as some new features. 232 more words


Too Many Options

I cannot decide. There are too many options. A Microsoft Windows person would have no idea.

It’s all the fault of Linux, or more properly “GNU/Linux” pronounced “Gah-New Lin-ux” or sometimes “Gah-New Lin-ox.” Much to the distress of the GNU people who provide all the software for Linux and BSD systems, nobody wants to say “Gan-New” before “Linux.” The harsh reality is this: the vast majority of the public just calls it Linux. 844 more words


Underestimating Debian

I had two issues in the last days that lead me a bit into panic until they got solved. In both cases the issue was external to Debian but I first thought that the problem was in Debian. 1,261 more words

My Experiences And Opinion

What are the Best & Worst Times of Day to Buy the Stock Market?

I awoke this morning to find the S&P 500 futures down about 11 points. My immediate thought was “oh goodie, there’s some candy for the old early morning BTFD’ers to enjoy” . 594 more words


Tearing with Nvidia Proprietary Drivers on Plasma? Try this.

This is a neat little trick that’s been making the rounds, and after seeing success with several people on Reddit I thought it was worth posting somewhere more visible. 607 more words