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GCompris on iPad

I am glad to announce that GCompris is now available on the iOS Apple Store for iPad and iPhone users.

The Qt Quick version of GCompris is available on Android since last year and is reaching 50000 installations. 215 more words


Stopping my laptop spontaneously resuming immediately after Suspend to RAM

If I selected ‘Suspend to RAM’ via the Desktop Environment in the Gentoo Linux installation on my Clevo W230SS laptop, the laptop did suspend but then immediately resumed automatically. 2,006 more words


desktop defense Spotlight: Kwin Window manager

Kwin is the default window manager for the K desktop environment. In the near future, I will explain in further detail what a window manager is and what a desktop environment is. 324 more words

So, here were are: Br-Print3D at Campus Party Brasil 9

Good night fallows!

It’s almost midnight here, and I will tell a little bit about the things that are happening to us on this Campus Party. 445 more words


New Year Calligra Words Sprint

When the streets are covered with snow and ice in many parts of Europe, it’s a good time to sit inside in front of our computers and to improve that software we are sharing here with each other. 630 more words


CMake Daemon for user tools

I’ve been working for quite some time on a daemon mode for CMake in order to make it easier to build advanced tooling for CMake. I made a video about this today: 146 more words


The year of Kube

After having reached the first milestone of a read-only prototype of Kube, it’s time to provide a lookout of what we plan to achieve in 2016. 1,084 more words