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Change the mp3 bitrate for ripping in K3b

I’ve been using K3b successfully (it’s currently at version 2.0.3-r1 in Gentoo Linux) to rip Audio CDs to mp3 files, but despite changing the bitrate to 192 kbps in the ‘K3b Lame Mp3 Encoder’ plugin settings, K3b was still ripping mp3 files at 128 kbps. 234 more words


KDE 5 the final fonteer

I have now installed KDE 5, after a fasion, but not quite correctly, it seems. I have bits of KDE 4, lingering that I do not want any more, and bits of KDE 5 missing or unstable. 30 more words

9En1 - Mr Dettman - Tabloid or Broadsheet?

Due: Thursday 21st May

Using your knowledge of the differences between Tabloid and Broadsheet journalism, locate and either print off or post a Blog link… 83 more words

Year 9

Take screenshot in KDE and send it to Android

You can use the Python PushBullet API to send a screenshot directly from the KDE screenshot application without the need to save the file and upload it manually. 169 more words

In Free Software, it's okay to be imperfect, as long as you're open and honest about it

Humans are fallible. We all make mistakes sometimes. Most of these mistakes affect only ourselves or those close to us, but sometimes we make mistakes that affect more people. 1,623 more words


Install LXDE (or KDE) without the startup managers

Are you a person who likes using the lightweight desktop LXDE?

Want to install it on your Debian install without having to install a startup manager? 127 more words

Office 2007 mime-type problem in KDE

Although Microsoft Office 2007 file types are normally opened by the correct Office 2007 application (running with WINE) in my Gentoo Linux Stable amd64 installation, KDE 4.14.3 on my new Clevo notebook opened… 367 more words