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GSoC '15 - Weeks #2,3,4

Looking at the title of this post, which spans three weeks, you’d be forgiven to have expected something huge coming your way. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 208 more words


Run an application with a specific GTK2 theme

I want to run an application with a GTK2 theme that is different from the global one. Searching the Arch Linux wiki, pointed me to their… 167 more words


KDE 4 Touchpad management tool

Odpojil jsem v práci notebook z dokovací stanice a začal mi hodně vadit touchpad. Tak jsem začal hledat, jak ho vypnout.

Po dlouhém a náročném hledání, kde jsem nemohl najít nic, jsem narazil na něco, co se jmenuje… 94 more words


Auto login root user at system start in Kali Linux

By default Kali uses gmd3 (GNOME Display Manager). However, you can install KDE and use kdm in Kali Linux. I’ll show both auto login here. 322 more words

Kali Linux

KPrinter available for KDE 4

One of the missing features of KDE 4 compared to KDE 3 was the not longer available KPrinter, a tool to print Postscript documents even out of non-KDE programs. 302 more words


rekonq 2.4.2

New rekonq release (2.4.2) ready just 1 day after another (2.4.1). Ehi, don’t get used to this :)
The motivation for this fast update is an idea came out from a bugzilla discussion for an old request: the clear urlbar button. 276 more words


Oh Noes, I Wrote A Program

Long time no update, sorry but in the mean time I managed to get busy with life, ha! What? You think I write blogs all day long? 349 more words