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The texture of time in the storytelling has a lot to do with what makes Cheese in the Trap resonate. In the webtoon also, inner dialogs and flashbacks serve to paint what experience is really like for people: we generally don’t make sense of things by linear data gathering; we take in flashes of time and are rather mosaic, perceptions flickering in and out of awareness.


Han Ye Seul Offered Lead Role in Korean Drama Defendant

Han Ye Seul (Madame Antoine) has now been offered a lead role in the new SBS thriller Defendant. Defendant is about a top prosecutor who one day wakes up in prison on death row with no memory of how he ended up there. 213 more words


Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 18

It’s a done deal now~

Na ri likes Hwa shin more. There are lots and lots of hints. She stopping him from leaving again and again, getting jealous, caring for him and admitting he made her heart beat faster BUT what about the embarrassment and humiliation she had to endure for three years? 296 more words

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'Shopping King Louis' Episode 7 BTS

During shooting of this scene from episode 7 where Nam Ji Hyun accidentally falls on top of Sang Hyun on the couch, Seo In Guk jokingly commented that he is a witness to infidelity as he snapped their photo. 25 more words
Yoon Sang Hyun

Cinderella and the Four Knights Korean Drama Review

Cinderella and the Four Knights is about a young woman (Park So Dam) who is given the opportunity to live at the mansion of a rich chaebol and make some money to go to college.  978 more words


Shopping King Louie Episode 8 - Be My Baby

Just when I think I can’t become more charmed by our adorable OTP (One True Pairing), they prove me wrong and I reach a new level of shipping happiness.  1,322 more words


Clarity and Ease

I like getting to look back on simpler times with Jung, In Ho, and In Ha. There is this feeling of, “It could be such a perfect situation – each learning and growing from the others!” Yet of course they… 474 more words