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Squad 38 Episode 10 - Good Cons Have Layers....Like Onions

There are so many layers to this drama’s plot that I have given up trying to guess what is going to happen.  It isn’t a story that goes along the normal trope lines anyway so I might as well just sit back and enjoy the show. 819 more words


The Fangirls Day 30 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

We have reached DAY 30!  The final one.  The question to end all questions.  Come join us as we finish our 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge in the very best way.  187 more words


38 Task Force Episode 12

Quick run-through:

Our con duo are dealt a devastating blow that’s even more painful for Jung Do because he wasn’t expecting it (quite frankly, neither was I). 4,686 more words

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The Good Wife Episode 5 (Eng sub)

Korean remake of the American “The Good Wife” about a husband, Lee Tae-Joon, who works as a successful prosecutor and his future appears bright, but he gets arrested for corruption in a political scandal. 143 more words

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38 Task Force Episode 11-12

No, this wasn’t supposed to be happening. I’m here sitting with my jaw wide open and wondering what went wrong. This drama is playing with my heart and brain and mind and lungs. 511 more words

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Lee Joon Offered Role in Korean Drama Woman With a Suitcase; Joo Jin Mo Confirmed

It looks like Lee Joon (Vampire Detective) is the latest to be offered a role in the new MBC drama Woman With a Suitcase.   252 more words


The Fangirls Day 29 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

We are getting so close to the end!  I might even miss this daily posting a bit.  Check out our Day 29 where we discuss dramas that everyone loved……..except us. 428 more words