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The Wailing Review

Last year was an amazing year for horror cinema in Korea. Take Train to Busan for example, that movie exceeded all possible expectations when it became as huge as it did worldwide. 898 more words

Black - 2. rész, saját felirat

Kicsit irreálisnak tűnik, hogy főhősünk testében a “szellem” semmit nem tud a világról, vagy csak részben, de aranyos humor forrás. Bár kicsit erőltetett a kórházi köpeny viselet, amiből szoknya lesz, de… szórakoztató. 244 more words


A Slice of Real Life with Hong Seol

When one thinks of college life or teen years, immediately works like High School Musical and Mean Girls come into mind. While growing up, I watched movies that gave me false hopes of how “happening” college life can be. 1,043 more words

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While You Were Sleeping - Episode 12

P.S. (wait has anyone ever put a p.s. in front of the letter? okay it definitely does not belong there so… ANYWAYS) This is just me fangirling so if you don’t like that shit, don’t read it. 497 more words

Korean Drama

Because This is My First Life (2017)

Peringatan : Projek masih dalam proses terjemahan.

Butiran Drama :

  • Tajuk: 이번 생은 처음이라 / Ibeon Saeng-eun Cheo-eumira
  • Tajuk Bahasa Inggeris: This Life is Our First…
  • 97 more words

"While You Were Sleeping" Hits 10% in Korean Drama Ratings


It was another good week for While You Were Sleeping as it continued in first in Nielsen drama ratings during the Wednesday-Thursday time slot. It was even able to hit 10% for 190 more words