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endless viewings...

O____O Lately I have been watching some movies & Jdramas…

crazy ones, shocking ones, creepy ones, gross ones… all together o_o..  hahah. of course some are really cute and happy too. 551 more words


嵐 says it's the truth !

嵐 – truth

It’s their recent PV, I am addicted to the song a lot whenever I listen to it D: The PV is alright to me, but I do like the song a lot. 169 more words


AH! It's cut!

Omonaa~ Yesterday I cut off my very long hair. It has been a long time I cut my hair. Yeahh pretty much a long time. XD And it has been a long time I have THIS short hair O_O~ omo~  LOL. 332 more words