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Radio Advertising - Ideal Image, Hair Removal

Radio Ads: Ideal Image

The most recent radio advertisement that I heard was for Ideal Image. Ideal Image performs laser hair removal for both men and women across the United States.  305 more words

Hair Removal

Favorite radio commercial!!!!


The most recent commercial that I heard was one from KDWB. I usually don’t really like to listen to the radio due to the fact that I don’t like to drive and also the fact that every time I do drive, I have my 4 years old in the care and I don’t like for him to listen to some of the stuff that is being said on the air. 226 more words


selfies + champagne // new years eve 2014

happy 2015, kiddos. are we all recovered from new years festivities? yesterday was a little rough, damn wine flu. i had a great new years eve with some good people, lots of bubbly, olivia pope sized wine pours, pizza and some local celebrities. 601 more words

My Recent Life

Jingle Ball!

Don’t get too excited, it’s not the one in LA.  But!  Here in my home state, one of the local radio stations hosts a Jingle Ball, and K won tickets!   134 more words


What KDWB REALLY Wants You To Know About...

Being the huge music fan that I am, I actually listen to the radio quite often.  Usually, my radio is either tuned into KDWB, KS95, or Cities 97, depending on what my current mood is.   507 more words


411 PAIN Radio Commercial

If you are a fan of KDWB and you drives a car every day, perhaps you have heard of the radio commercial – 411 Pain My Neck My Back – which was on radio throughout the last year. 356 more words


Lost and Found: Bay Area Top 40 listings collection part one 1960 to 1967

Continuing with the “stuff I found in San Francisco” theme, here is the first part of a post about a folder I purchased filled with Top 40 listings from radio stations in the Bay Area which covered the periods of 1957 to 1967.   185 more words