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Great Plains Symposium

The Great Plains Symposium begins tomorrow in Kearney, Nebraska. The Center for Great Plains Studies hosts this conferenceĀ featuring sessions for business leaders, ranchers, and community partners as well as wider discussions about how to preserve the stunning bounty of Great Plains ecology. 54 more words


Why, Nebraska, Why?

With Nebraska finally warming up, or so I thought, I sought the earliest available 13.1 miles and landed on the Sillassen Half Marathon, scheduled to take place on April 14, 2018, in Arthur, Nebraska. 269 more words


Vacay Bay-bay

Have you heard about LOL dolls? They are these small plastic dolls sold in a mysterious ball package. The height of the thrill of this gift is in the unknown. 595 more words

Health & Fitness Journey


In the early morning of 3 March 1917, the community was struck with a tragedy.

The Saratogian reported:


Body of Well Known Resident of Bacon Hill Found in the Water at the Dam in Fish Creek – Drove Into Water in Darkness… 654 more words

Editorial: Kearney, we can "fix" this

The Kearney Area Animal Shelter had over 885 animals enter its facilities last year. Thatā€™s one for every thirty-seventh Kearney citizen. The Kearney Police Department had to impound 336 of those. 478 more words

Kearney, we can "fix" this

Kearney, NE has a stray cat problem.

The university has many, and the Kearney community is filled with them as well. Walking down the street or across campus, it’s rare to go without seeing a stray cat. 432 more words

Pet Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

Most of us watch adorable dog and cat videos on Facebook, YouTube, etc. Most of us adore animals, especially the puppies and the kitties. I’m no different. 396 more words