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Indian and Maghrebi Cuisine Taste Trip at Fez-Kinara Kemang, Jakarta

Happy Eid Mubarrak! This year’s Ramadhan was quite memorable for me, because I got a chance (and money) to do more culinary trips. For this year, I paid a visit to Fez-Kinara in Kemang. 1,091 more words

Restaurant Visits

A Lebanese Feast

We, The Fiendish Foodies, enjoy food from all over the world and love creating a variety of dishes of the chosen countries’ cuisine. Lebanese food is definitely up there on our list of favourites! 552 more words


Lamb kebab on red wood

Item: Lamb kebab on red wood, 紅柳烤肉
Date: February 1, 2018
Location: Xi’an, China

I’ve had my fair share of delicious street food in the Muslim quarter of Xi’an but I think the lamb kebab on red wood would have to be my favourite, by far. 80 more words


Fiery Conversations

Two men converse over a flaming coal fire oblivious of the danger of the paper (being used as a plate) catching fire.

Every year, Ramadan time presents a great opportunity to food lovers to indulge in some excellent non-vegetarian street food. 126 more words

Kebab Pizza, The Infamous Swedish Odd Pizza

It has been more than 2 years since I published my article about Finn’s Berlusconi Pizza. Yet, Scandinavian pizza culture still not cease to amaze me. 598 more words

Chosen Meal

Representation, Integration, Kebabization: Unpacking Europe's "Favourite Drunk Food"


As an American newly living in Europe, there was nothing more enchanting to me during my first few months in Spain than doner kebab (this might be a slight exaggerated but not really). 2,638 more words


CHICKEN MAYO CROQUETTES -Chicken Recipe Kitchen with Amna

CHICKEN MAYO CROQUETTES -Chicken Recipe Kitchen with Amna

CHICKEN MAYO CROQUETTES -Chicken Recipe Kitchen with Amna
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