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Chicken Shawarma

Oh my. This dish is perfect on a BBQ, especially with the accompaniments that really compliment the dish. Make the social occasion something special with this recipe. 1,057 more words



Look out this recipe to serve in parties as starter’s or with nice naan or roti. Click to view video

Taste of Kebabs - Progress Post 01

Two weeks ago, I proposed a mock-up project brief for the re-branding of a Kebab shop I visited shortly before my post.

The deadline was to be 2 months after that brief and it has been two weeks so far. 194 more words


Minced Meat Kebab Recipe

Cut a piece of cheese and wrap around the skewer. The result? Yummy!

Minced meat kebab is a quick and easy yet extremely delicious recipe. Its heart of string cheese and crispy bacon on the outside will drive people crazy! 108 more words

Free food? Sign me up!

I had just, almost, finished my last post when my mum showed up. I had written that I was just going to stay home today, because of pain in both my back and neck. 244 more words


Lauki ki Muthiye-Vegan Sausage


I would call it a Vegan Sausage.  A hand made sausage shaped steamed dish, perfect replacement for its meaty version.  You can finish it as a Kebab by grilling it ultimately and I bet it will adorn as a hero of your appetizer platter.  450 more words


Fish, Chips and Curry Sauce

You can tell a lot about someone from their sandwich order. It’s hardly the most earth-shattering of observations, but I stand by it. So, let me set the scene: you’re in your local friendly neighbourhood sandwich shop – or a Subway – and you’re there with someone you barely know. 1,091 more words