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It's Over... SAY WHAT?!

Friday, August 28th, was probably one of the biggest days of life (up until this point).

It was the day that I turned in my dissertation and was finished with my master’s degree at Keele University! 481 more words


Somniloquy III

As promised! This is an alternate ending to Somniloquy written by @OfficiallyKJR. It’s alternate because there’s another ending, which I put up yesterday. If you want to read that, you can find that here ->  1,275 more words

Short Story

Somniloquy II

and III? 

When I put Somniloquy up, I promised a sequel. I also said there were many ways this could go and tomorrow at 10 am, I’m going to put up an alternate ending written by @OfficiallyKJR. 2,417 more words

Short Story

Film: Keele History - in the Words of Students and Staff!

Below is a film about the history department for prospective undergraduate students, we hope you enjoy it!

Visit Susannah’s blog to see an example of the sorts of things our 2nd year students get up to! https://cooksoftrentham.wordpress.com

Public History


I wrote this https://ajreads.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/somniloquy/ a couple of years ago, and then recently a new and improved version got published in the @KeeleCreativeWriting Society’s anthology of fiction. 1,083 more words

Short Story

HEADBÄNGER Chapter 7: Wasted Years

The men modelling the latest Brylcreemed side partings in the ancient framed photos on the wall would now be in their fifties or sixties. Jeff studied them while waiting for his turn in the chair and thought how one of them might pop in to a barber’s shop somewhere for a trim of his – perhaps now thinning or nearly gone – hair and be confronted with a long-forgotten sunbleached image of his younger self. 3,716 more words


'Promotion Video For Keele University Media, Communication & Culture Programme'. Feb-Jun 2015

Being a final year student, I’ve took part in the work placement programme in the hope of gaining more insight in the media industry and to earn working experiences. 122 more words