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The essential university packing list - Part 2

Well, for the past couple of weeks I have been compiling a list of everything that I’ll need to take back to university:

Since I was allowed to leave some stuff under in the under-bed storage compartment, I’ll create two lists where list the stuff that I’ve left under my bed which I have found useful, and the stuff that I’ve taken home over the Easter because they needed washing/I needed them for life in general… 1,132 more words


Shakes Fist At The Sky 

Once again, it’s one of those late night thinking sessions. What the actual hell, body? This is like the 6th night in a row where sleep has been difficult to get to and like the second night this week I have been lain awake with thoughts spinning through my head (and I hadn’t even watched a space movie). 478 more words

Up, Up, and Away

It’s almost 2am right now and sleep is alluding me.  Besides a night out, I think this is the latest I’ve stayed up in quite sometime.   1,165 more words


Birds, jumping

I took two videos of birds jumping away as I approached them. HAHAHATHESTORYOFMYLIFEHAHAHA.

It’s not really the story of my life. The story of my life involves significantly fewer birds, and less jumping. 15 more words


Pheasant, running

I saw a pheasant. It ran away.