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What Gender Equality Hath Wrought

Keeling Pilaro is a 13-year old New York lad. And he’s a star athlete.

Not in football or baseball or basketball (or any other sport to which teen-age boys typically gravitate). 384 more words


A perfectly qualified Georgia judge rejected because he's gay. The toddler with Nirvana as an alarm clock. And two stories from the sports gender wars

I had to laugh when I saw Newsweek’s cover headline this week, declaring Barack Obama “the first gay President.”
Because this country we live in is far, far away from ever electing a gay president. 564 more words

Boy Wants to Play Field Hockey, More Controversy

I have posted on field hockey before and controversy over whether boys should play.  Now there is a new case in New York, Long Island to be specific.   303 more words


Girls vs Boys in High School Sports

Keeling Pilaro, who is now 13 years old wanted, to play field hockey, but there was no team for him because field hockey is “a girl’s sport”.  973 more words