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Writing Experience

Back when I was a young lad growing up in Farmington, NM, I read a lot of books. It was a way of escaping a system that rewarded jocks for being jock assholes and didn’t care for creativity. 682 more words


Wishes to Start

There were some wishes to start with post stormOn top of all was the wish to be Good

Best thing one can do to someone like that is… 55 more words



A pretty old lady lived in
a pretty old house.
There too lived
a sweet little mouse.

In the shady, wooden house
with a window reflecting the shadow… 402 more words

The Daily Post

Post the First! What the F*** am I doing here?

Honestly, I don’t know.

The other day, a work friend and I were talking about a new word I just learned: APATHETIC.

I just found the word so amusingly appropriate for me that it stuck to me the whole day. 662 more words

IT'S OK - commitment in one perspective 

I have serious commitment issues.

I made a commitment to post “a poem a day” on Tumblr, using a “word of the day” as a prompt. 76 more words

A Writer's Journey #4

It’s been a good few months since I last made an update to my ‘Writer’s Journey’ theme and so on a windy lunchtime such as this I thought I would put pen to paper, or rather fingers to MacBook. 1,293 more words

How to Know if You are a Writer - Matthew 7:24-29

I was perched near the top of a tall building, under the Tower of Babel sign, trying to address the crowd. The problem was, only a few of my listeners understood what I was saying. 582 more words

Bible Study

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A great post by Kathy S. Davis. Not just for writers, but for anyone who is passionate about their craft.