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10 Ways Real Writers 'Write'

  1. Research…and continue to research…and not write.
  2. Daydream about characters instead of writing them.
  3. Light candles or any other zen ritual to get into the writing mood.
  4. 99 more words

Here Come the Resolutions.....

A new year beckons saying ‘hello’
dreams on paper -as resolutions go

I vow to wax lyrical at every chance
death to procrastination -as resolutions go…

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2017 closes & something about being bravery

I am perplexed continuously by this year’s inability to finish a well thought out idea. Have I put things down on a page? Yes, and have I completed certain tasks as a writer, yes…okay. 346 more words


Bare List on Nanover

Yesterday, I completed the annual challenge so many authors inexplicably take on despite its obvious opposition to better sense and reason. Yes, I’m talking about… 1,159 more words

Bare List on The First Draft

It’s that time of year again. A time that new and established authors alike gather to defy the clock and better judgement to bring their characters to life through writing at least 50,000 words in 30 days. 1,199 more words

Chapter 3 (Rough) of The Sequel to Inn Significant

Once again, in the spirit of National Novel Writing Month (#nanowrimo), I am sharing what I’m working on thus far. Today’s chapter represents 3,093 words, so I’m at about 7,000 words so far, which, quite frankly, is a little behind the 8-ball for this point in November. 3,283 more words

On Life

Bare List on Blankness

As the icy rain poured down over the back porch I took a deep swig of my dark roast coffee, it’s steam warming my face against the chill of the early morning and thought “This is a day God made for writing.” I opened my latest project full of quiet excitement for what this scenic day would bring. 377 more words