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A Writer's Journey #4

It’s been a good few months since I last made an update to my ‘Writer’s Journey’ theme and so on a windy lunchtime such as this I thought I would put pen to paper, or rather fingers to MacBook. 1,293 more words

How to Know if You are a Writer - Matthew 7:24-29

I was perched near the top of a tall building, under the Tower of Babel sign, trying to address the crowd. The problem was, only a few of my listeners understood what I was saying. 582 more words

Bible Study

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A great post by Kathy S. Davis. Not just for writers, but for anyone who is passionate about their craft.

NaNo Recap, 2017 Goals

Hello Internet,

I did it. I won NaNoWriMo with just over 52,000 words written this past November. Under typical circumstances I would be so enthusiastic that I would make an announcement the moment my finger hits the “validate” button, but I honestly didn’t feel good about my “accomplishment” when I reached my goal and I still don’t feel any better looking back at things now. 752 more words


Tips for Young Writers

Every writer has been a young writer at some point, although I suppose there are some who didn’t find writing until later in life (the exception). 932 more words


Brainy Wednesday

I did manage to write in my print journal once again. Forgot what I wrote, so I will have to go back and read the journal entry. 330 more words


Day 420: 260,439

Not done yet.

I freely admit to slacking off on updating. One thing I’ve noticed in a big way over the course of this challenge is that my word counts have been pretty darn good stress meters and these last few weeks have been doozies. 178 more words


End of the book burnout?

At this point in my life as a writer I have completed one full book and am close to finishing two other manuscripts. Spoiler alert: I don’t advocate working on two books at once, but let’s save that for another post. 390 more words