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The Quest of a (Clueless) Teacher

Being a teacher is hard work:

walk there,

talk about that,

blabble on about stuff;

most importantly,

DON’T let the kids get out of

CONTROL. … 188 more words

Methods In Language Arts

The First 20 Hours

Every time I start learning about some specific component or approach to some aspect of writing a novel, I inevitably come across some as of yet unknown and yet to be studied component or approach. 195 more words


I Don't Like Cthulhu and That's Okay

I tried, I really did. I bought H. P. Lovecraft’s Great Tales of Horror, which clocks in at 600 pages. I read some, skimmed some, and scratched my head. 540 more words


writers challenge- spoken word - " words, words words"

4.06 am and they come unbidden, unexpectedly and unwanted. Rising up from some deep dark pit like a creature of the black lagoon, waiting for that moment when my conscious mind is dancing on the cusp of sleep. 434 more words

Why suddenly I have the passion to blog?

Writing is easy, but to KEEP writing take a whole effort and courage. When you have the willing to KEEP writing, you have to KEEP… 226 more words