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I’m currently working on my third book. My first book, Her Name, was released last year. My second book, Loving Again, will be out this November. 472 more words


Slogging Through a Slump

I’ve had a good couple of months. I’ve finished my first novel, I’m two-thirds of the way through another one, Missy and I are more than 40,000 words into our joint venture book… let’s be honest, there was no way that this was sustainable. 521 more words


Telling The Story With Care

This poster came in a box of cereal.

I taped it to the wall near my desk. I’m not even a hard core Star Wars fan, but I taped it to remind me of something: even the best make mistakes.

115 more words


Well, we certainly have been having a bit of crazy weather lately, with buckets of rain, trees down and wind.  Enough already weather people.  I just looked at the radar and there are more storms off the coast.  121 more words

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Thoughtful Thursday!

Is anyone else a perfectionist? It’s not as awesome as it sounds. Instead of crafting the “perfect” work, I spend a lot of my time paralyzed by the thought of moving forward, and the fear that what I have created isn’t good enough. 100 more words

Rishonda Anthony

Writing and Food Poisoning

I am one of those people who rarely ever gets the stomach virus. It’s been years since I’ve had to deal with it, and when I say years, I mean, at least ten because I think I was in middle school the last time I threw up. 585 more words


Just a quick Wednesday post here.

I just found out about Mothership Zeta through another writer, and I have to try my luck. It’s rather short notice, but what the hey – worth a try! 26 more words