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Revision, like writing itself, is a multilayered, complicated process. It involves a lot brain-power and thoughts like what could make this even better, and 

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Words on words on wordsss

I’m excited to announce that thanks to my pops I got a new pc! Let me give you a little run down on my previous laptop situation: 172 more words


Ain't Got No Remedy

The title refers to the song on my playlist at the moment. It’s by R&B recording artist Shanice. She has a very dynamic vocal range. 143 more words


Writers Rock!

The other day,


Asked me

How I dealt


Writer’s Block.

I smiled,

And replied

Quite seriously,

“What’s that?”

Writer’s block?

I don’t

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Pushing Through the Writer's Block Wall

Writer’s block is often referred to as a wall – usually a brick one, just in case us writers just thought we could punch through flimsy plaster and be done with it. 183 more words

On Writing

#IWSG June 2015 - The Problem with Sixfold, and How It Should Work

This is about a wonderful idea that should work  – the idea of an all-writer-voted, open-to-all writing journal for fiction.

Sixfold.org handles this in a way which sounds wonderful at first. 529 more words