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Writing prompt - starting sentence

Choose a novel or a short story. Turn to the beginning. Write down the first sentence. Now rewrite the sentence, changing something, anything. It could be a name, the point of view, one word, several words. 46 more words


Writing prompt - noticing

Spend 10 minutes wandering around your home, or outside. Pay extra attention to what you see, hear and smell.

As soon as you can, write, in simple language, what you noticed. 35 more words


Writing prompt - silence

Have your writing pen and paper ready.

Set a timer and sit quietly, doing nothing for ten minutes.

Don’t worry if there are any background sounds. 26 more words


Writing prompt - found objects

Collect some objects when you’re next outside. Could be anything. A broken pen, a stone, a piece of unrecognizable plastic…

When you’re ready to write, pick one of these objects. 32 more words


Writing prompt

A man walks out of a bar…

Continue writing. Write for at least 15 minutes. Don’t pause or edit, this is a first draft.

Share your writing in the comments section.


The Superpower of writing

I started Write and Thrive because I have a great passion and belief in the many benefits of writing. This comes from personal experience and from helping others to write. 848 more words


Start writing and keep going - writing workshops for creativity and wellbeing

A supportive environment for your writing: Starting 8th September @matthewsyard #Croydon. Book your place here