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How To Find Your Erotica Niche

Most business books will tell you to find your niche.  This is true for any entrepreneurs even smut peddlers.

A successful niche has a large audience with little competition. 688 more words

New Drugs

Turning slowly in time

burning bridges through memories.

They fell in love with silhouettes from the sun.
Summers evaporated, winters froze, fall came

and they threw off patience… 29 more words


My 52-Weekly Journal: Week 05 // It Never Was A "Way Out"

I had a suicidal tendency once.

(I know it’s hard imagining someone as happy-go-round as me having a suicidal thoughts, but hey, life hits hard) 1,020 more words

52 Weekly Journal


I was with my friends
walking down the street,
and he was there in front of me,
just like in fourth grade when
I dropped my handkerchief. 225 more words


Ocean seems serene,
when silence rests in waves.
Senses awake in the darkest cave,
when air calms the coo.

The fire seems to be steered a while, 64 more words


Hiya my friendly bloggers! Here goes the last part of this challenge. I’d like to thanks Tanya once again to nominate me for this challenge. Tanya: http://scribledreams.com/ 57 more words

Your next 'big thing' is in that Shit!

Research says that creative people are lazy. Research says that people with creative minds, gets bored pretty easily. Research says blah and blah! If you want to prove your points, just add in the beginning of the sentence that ‘research says’ and people will believe you. 547 more words

Sandeep Sharma