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Karalee’s Post #128

Our 5/5/5 group have all in our own way expressed how we try to organize ourselves to write, how procrastination is a non-starter, and how life pulls us from our offices and computers where our characters are developing and waiting to be born. 536 more words


NANOWRIMO 2015 Progress/Update!

This is week three now of NANOWRIMO, and I am embarrassed to admit how significantly behind I am in my word count schedule (I’m only going on 9,000 words); BUT I did have finals to worry about, and that was  a major priority, so this is my only excuse. 390 more words


Quick writing tip - 10 minutes a day

I love  getting the opportunity to talk about books and writing, and an interview on Australian radio this week I was asked – when do you find time to write? 115 more words


NaNoWriMo Day 15

November 15th:  NaNoWriMo word count: 40,898. My murder mystery, The Sea Child, is coming along nicely.  I’m at that point where all the lose ends and clues that have been thrown out there have to be twisted together and head towards a dramatic aha! 127 more words


Writing prompt - three words IV

Use the following three words in your writing.

Tarnish, oval, wilt.

Write for at least 10 minutes wihout censoring or editing. Let the words flow, see where it goes. 33 more words


Michaeline: Second Week Whining (A NaNo Tradition)

I haven’t been reading much lately. It’s been busy at work, and I’ve allowed the computer to take over my free time, and then there’s this National Novel Writing Month thing, which I have been neglecting. 440 more words