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#PicnStory, A Creative Global Webzine

PicNStory is A Creative Global Webzine, or an online magazine helps writers to sharpen their skills on a regular basis by creating a sort of contest.   125 more words

In My Own Words

How to handle rejection

The scary thing about querying agents is that they’ll either accept you and promise to make your dream of being an author a reality or reject you. 377 more words


Struggle of writing my first!

Initial phase of writing a blog is full of intense research and unnecessary stressing out. I don’t know about everyone but at least that’s what has been happening with me. 462 more words

Welcome to my world!

Well, hello there. Finally taking the time to write my thoughts down.

I have time and again said to the people I know that I can never put my thoughts down on paper, so I guess writing it here doesn’t really count. 31 more words

Sometimes the Heart Sees what is Invisible to the Eye

Each and every entity of the world interacts, expresses and exchange individual thoughts. Of them, some conversations are good, some poor, some nostalgic, and some gets so close to our hearts that we develop a close connection with the entity we are talking to. 992 more words

Green Grass

And one not-so-fine evening, when the heaven decided to pour its divine anger on me, I met my wonderful friend in the garden. And inquisitive as always, with a heavy heart,  compelling me to halt amidst a lovely gossip on… 751 more words

When Am I A Writer?

I discovered I was a writer when I was about eight years old. I was in third grade, and my teacher told me I was “good at this” after she read the short story I wrote and left on her desk. 394 more words

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