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[] in due time

Often we, guys, get blamed for not keeping our promises. You, girls, go on your social media accounts and nag that we are not keeping our end of the deal.  769 more words



Between packing up my room and my entire house the past three months, I’ve become proficient in packing boxes and pitching unwanted junk. 377 more words

Are we prepared for peace?

The Church of England Men’s Society in Earley was planning on taking a major role in the National Mission, and was already thinking ahead to the end of the war. 209 more words

Life On The Home Front


​My moments of happiness are mine and mine alone

To you they shall go unknown

Though my moments of rage,disgust and sadness I shall share… 53 more words


White Voters Keep Trump’s Hopes Alive in Must-Win Florida

Donald J. Trump has almost no plausible path to the White House unless he wins Florida, a rapidly changing state where Hispanic voters could deal a decisive blow to his chances. 2,104 more words

Daily News

Review of 'Star Trek: Keep on Trekkin'

Stars. Treks. Aliens that all look like beautiful human women and are sexually compatible on a genetic level with all our main characters. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. 1,411 more words