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Gird Up (1 Peter 1:13)

We tie up the turkey so that its appearance on the plate is more desirable. I tie up my tomato plants so that they have support in growing and I tie up the dog when I put him out to do his business so the that little bandit won’t run away. 326 more words



The walls we constructed to keep out sadness, also keeps out happiness.


"Flashback: Obama Mocks Trump for Promising to Keep Carrier Plant in U.S."

” Eric Cottonham, a member of the Steelworkers Union employed by Carrier — asked Obama if anything could be done to stem the tide of jobs flowing out of the country, as Trump had recently promised to do…” 107 more words


Still can't believe it..

I did it guys! I passed my driving test!

I had all the extra pressures of the test itself changing next year, theory running out next year. 345 more words


The day after

Tomorrow makes 100 days since my surgery. Man time flies feels like jsut yesterday I wss laying on the operating table watching them open up my wrist (yes i was awake. 79 more words


For simplicity's sake

Let’s be honest, it’s plenty of note taking apps out there: Evernote, Google Keep, OneNote, the stock app of your browser, just to mention some of them. 668 more words


Guy's Kitten Video Of The Day: "Keep Them Busy"

Temptations cat food reminds you WHY you need to keep cats busy during the holidays.

Cats like to DESTROY holiday decorations as this new commercial for Temptations cat food proves.