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KeePass for multi-page forms and shared domain accounts

I start using KeePass this week after watching a video on keyloggers from DEFCON and after I was made aware of how powerful AES encryption can be after watching  482 more words


What is my Password?

What is my password?

Guys, If You Think Today we are gonna share our passwords with you guys, so, frankly speaking you guys also know that’s not possible. 727 more words


Password Managers

I am constantly surprised that ordinary people don’t use password managers. I would expect most security professionals to use them, but even there I find many do not use a password manager. 761 more words


Using Keepass under ChromeOS with Android app KeePassDroid (read/write)

On my Windows machine and Ubuntu laptop I use KeePass and KeePassX for working with my KeePass (.kdbx). I keep the database in the cloud for convenience. 224 more words


KeePass: A safe place to store all of your passwords and other login credentials!

We want nothing but the best for our members, especially when it comes to security! Please use the following guide to help you safely store and remember your passwords. 585 more words

General Interest

How To Never Have Another Password

Hello! Interested in password management?

The decision to begin using a password manager is too obvious to elaborate on here. If you are not using one, you should be! 1,320 more words


An Engineer's Guide To The Galaxy Using KeePass

If you’re like me, and have multiple cloud environments, and multiple servers to manage, the task can be quite daunting.  There are many paid for utilities out there that can help you with this task, but I’ve found that a utility called: KeePass Password Safe, does the job flawlessly if you are willing to do some custom configurations.  558 more words

Custom KeePass URL Override