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A Case Study in Attacking KeePass

We see a lot of KeePass usage while on engagements. In the corporate environments we operate in, it appears to be the most common password manager used by system administrators. 1,791 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: A Very Small Password Keeper

One of the more popular security builds in recent memory is USB password vaults. These small thumb drive-sized devices hold all the passwords you have to deal with, and are locked behind a authentication code on the drive itself. 185 more words

The Hackaday Prize


Password managers, like Keepass, usually allow copy-pasting your passwords so you can enter them from the password manager into whatever applications need them. They also typically provide a feature called “auto-type”, so the password manager can type your password into a field for you. 222 more words


All versions of KeePass Vulnerable to MitM Attack

All versions of KeePass, an open source password manager is vulnerable to a MitM attack because of the way it is designed to check for updates. 136 more words

Why secure strong passwords matter

“I don’t have a secure password, because I have nothing to hide” is, sadly, something I hear oftenly. But why should everyone use a secure password?, why is this so important?: This question is a no-brainer. 679 more words


Password Management

Making use of Keeweb, a web client for Keepass encrypted database 159 more words

Which Password Manager App is Best?

Best practice with passwords is to use a different one each time you use a service online. But how can you remember all those different passwords without driving yourself insane. 21 more words

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