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To Password Manager or Not to Password Manager, That is the Question

Surely you have heard this many times before: “Make sure your passwords are as random and nonsensical as possible and save them all in a password manager to keep them secure.” 1,110 more words

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KeePass - Password Manager

โปรแกรม KeePass ใช้สำหรับเก็บ Username & Password และมีการ Generate รหัสโดยใช้ตัวอักษรหลายรูปแบบ

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  • Upper-Case (A,B,C,…Z)
  • Lower-Case (a,b,c,…z)
  • Digits (0,1,2,…)
  • Minus (-)
  • Underline (_)
  • Space ( )
  • Special (!,$,%,&,…)
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KeeFarce: Extract Passwords From KeePass 2.x Database Directly From Memory

KeeFarce allows for the extraction of KeePass 2.x password database information from memory. The cleartext information, including usernames, passwords, notes and url’s are dumped into a CSV file in %AppData%. 256 more words

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KeePass is an open source password manager. Essentially, it provides a user-friendly GUI to store websites, logins and passwords. All of these are encrypted and stored inside a single file. 163 more words

Up Your Security Game (It's Not as Hard as You Might Think)

Every once in a while when people hear that I’m a bit of a computer/security/overall geek I get some interesting questions. Sometimes it’s about the data breach of the week and my thoughts on it or something to that effect. 877 more words

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