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KeePass 2.38 Update

KeePass is something I use daily, it’s a really solid product and is available for almost all platforms, there also exist bunch of forks and the product just works without much trouble. 625 more words


How to use KeePass

Password managers are blessing, the fact of matter is you either need to pay for them and they will do the heavy work for you or get a free one and learn how to use it. 233 more words


Baby steps

It´s dangerous out there. This applies to everything in life. But, that does not mean we are just going to live in our little cave for the rest of our lives. 99 more words


QCopy - ClipBoard manager - Ignore KeePass entries

I installed QCopy on Xubuntu along with KeePass2.

Of course, I don’t want my password copied from KeePass to be available in QCopy history. Everything coming from KeePass must be ignored by QCopy! 113 more words


Is Your Password on the Dark Web? Maybe.

For the record – the site above isn’t the current Doxbin address, but I wanted to give people a general idea of what it looked like. 572 more words

Dark Web

The biggest threat to your online security is ...


We all know we should be better about security.  Ask any IT professional and the biggest security risk to any system is – the users. 646 more words


Yellow-rump Warbler

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of a Yellow-rump Warbler.

Bookmarks/Passwords: Today I have been looking at the way I save and sync my bookmarks. I have used Xmarks for years but I think I will move over to Firefox Sync for my bookmarks from now on. 76 more words