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How can I come up with a title for this one?

I just wanna open up by saying that what happened in Manchester on Monday night was a tragedy. I woke up this morning to my Twitter feed blowing up about a group of missing kids and teens in Manchester. 519 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Of Fickle Weather and Possible Encounters

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind, here in Michigan. On Wednesday and Thursday, it was so hot, I couldn’t sleep. Then I wake up on Friday morning to find it suddenly chilly. 576 more words

Keepers Of Balance

The Matters of Perspective

I’m not sure if I talked about perspectives that people can have and how it can drive a story and create conflict. The subject has been on my mind all day today, and I decided that this post today would be dedicated to that. 1,538 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Fried Tidbits

Tonight’s meal: fried mac-and-cheese bits. I’m eager to see how they turn out.

Sorry for my missed post yesterday. On Mondays, after work, I usually head to a local bar for something to eat. 224 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Can you "chess" what this post is about?

Haha! Get it? “Guess”? As opposed to “chess”? GET IT!? Hahaha…

*runs away from angry mob leaded by Niax*

Ha…anyways, as promised, here it is: … 12,111 more words

Keepers Of Balance

The one where I almost forgot to make up a title

Happy Free Comic Book Day, guys!

My husband and I stopped at a local comic book shop. I didn’t get anything (I prefer manga and they had an incomplete arc for My Little Pony. 120 more words

Keepers Of Balance


This was a weird week. Sunday we were short-handed, and yesterday, Niax was sick, leaving us down a person until 9am. I haven’t been feeling all too good myself, but nothing has hit yet, so we’ll see. 282 more words

Keepers Of Balance