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Good evening, everyone!

It’s been a pretty…”eh” day, so far.

This Wednesday, I’ll be posting some of the lore behind the Awakening Dreams that the Keepers can have as they obtain their powers. 122 more words

Keepers Of Balance

That moment when things go better than expected

Good evening, everyone. Today went a lot smoother than expected, work-wise. I wasn’t all that stressed today, and we even got a decent amount in tips. 288 more words

Keepers Of Balance

What month are we in, again?

Father Winter’s giving us one last snowstorm before his reign ends. It’s been snowing all day, and it’s supposed to snow more tomorrow. Seriously, today, everything looked like it came out of a Christmas card (minus the holiday lights). 175 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Busy Moonday

Just as the title says, my day has been kinda busy.

The best place to start would be my work day. I had a lot of things to do today, but between me, my co-worker on shift today, and the luck of the day, we managed to get all of it done, plus some. 355 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Just Pretend Today's Friday

…ha. As if. If it was, I wouldn’t have had to go to work today.

I’ve spent the last 48+ hours with my nose buried in crystal bibles and Bing search. 575 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Hello, March!

February has come and gone, and now we enter possibly my favorite month of the year: March. My favorite season is spring (with fall coming in at a close second), mostly because of how green and vibrant everything looks. 424 more words

Keepers Of Balance

Again, no ideas for a title

I really need to start finding a way to title these things.

Let’s start with the weekend. It wasn’t great. It was less-than-great. I felt very “off” on Saturday, and it only got worse when I returned home (my depression seems to be hitting me in full swing, too…). 507 more words

Keepers Of Balance