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Pleased to note that one of my favorite stories in the collection has been excerpted at MidCurrent. In “Keepers,” an amateur sportsman vacationing on an Atlantic resort island leaves his young family behind to go fly-fishing at the edge of the ocean and has occasion to regret it.  27 more words


Mouse Trap game (Milton Bradley)

Summary: Players (mice) construct a Rube-Goldberg-style mousetrap piece by piece, collect cheese wedges, and avoid a predatory housecat and grouchy dog.  Ultimately, the mice end up circling a cheese wheel until one gets to start up the Rube Goldberg contraption while another happens to be on the space beneath the net (the final step of the mousetrap).   592 more words

Early Grade School

Money! Money! game by Discovery Toys

Summary: Players earn money for doing chores (less than $1 per chore), and practice counting out their payments in coins, often with a restriction such as using no nickels. 437 more words

Early Grade School

Lighthouse Service Employees Drafted for Service in the Civil War

Mrs. Henry Schmuck became keeper of the North Point Light Station in Maryland in 1864, not because her keeper husband died, but because he was drafted.  680 more words


CATALDO - " Keepers "

Cataldo is the recording project of Seattle musician Eric Anderson. His upcoming album is called “Keepers”, and the track we’re premiering today certainly fits the bill. 153 more words


Growing Vegetables at Point Wilson Light Station

Next week we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the United States entering into World War I. On April 6, 1917, the U.S. Coast Guard came under the jurisdiction of the U.S. 615 more words


Raw Mango Thokku

Come summers and everywhere you get to see green raw mangoes. A lot of dishes can be made incorporating them but the favorite for me remains this humble thokku. 185 more words