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Welcome part 2

Sean is a former collegiate athlete at Arizona State University. He swam all four years and graduated with a degree in Exercise and Wellness. His next big adventure is entering an exercise and wellness graduate program at ASU this fall 2016. 83 more words

Keepin' It Real


Welcome to our blog!

We want to use this blog to share the part of our lives where we eat, workout, and stay fit. We don’t eat clean all the time, but with the help of a few supplements  and a passion for exercise we’re able to stay in shape all year long. 66 more words

Keepin' It Real

hard floors. felt pads.

the bane of my existence.  anyone else have this problem? in an effort to save my hard floors i put felt pads on the feet of all furniture legs.   196 more words

buyer's remorse.

PEOPLE! it is the seventh month of two thousand sixteen! what? my one reader, can you believe it? i will say, june seemed long.  but really? 149 more words

Keepin It Real

restless. minimalism stall.

i have been watching scouring youtube videos for the past few days.  topics i love to watch are:

  • people behaving badly, ie:  horrible customer freakouts (i cannot believe people act this way in public); people getting thrown off airplanes (not literally…they are taken off because their behavior somehow makes it inappropriate for them to fly…possibly endangering all others on the flight); and another flight scenario…people planning to fly who are denied access to their planned flight for numerous reasons…anything from they arrived late to the airline oversold (gasp!) the flight and have to rearrange schedules, etc.  
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Back in the Saddle

You know what they say happens when you’re busy making other plans? The baby has a sleep regression, you have an unexpected surgery followed by a major illness, the husband has to work out of town so you scramble to take care of things on your own, travel plans get rearranged (and re-rearranged), and, unfortunately, not much sewing or blogging happens. 234 more words

Keepin' It Real

What Every Woman Should Know

First off, I didn’t write this list. But I wish I had. Second, I wish every woman in America (heck, in the world) would get this. 799 more words