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The Decision is In

Well, the decision is in. It happened just like I was told it would. Being faced with the daunting decision of whether or not to remove not only one part of my anatomy, but an additional and equally important part as well. 445 more words


i'm stuck!

photo via anthropologie

Like the confused nymph in the photo above, I’m torn between two worlds.  We’re all stuck there, really; it’s just a matter of whether we’re aware of it, and to which world we give our attention. 593 more words


Don't Be Late

Peter  and  Tina are  seated in the park doing nothing but simply gazing at the sky. Their friends are having  fun  with their beloved other halves. 834 more words


More Than A Symbol

In December, 1912, a man named George Bennard was struggling.  In one of the many inward or outward ways in which we all wrestle in our lives, Mr. 1,511 more words


The "C" Factor

Well, it has been confirmed. The big “C” has reared its ugly head again. Cancer has returned in almost the identical fashion that it did 13+ years ago. 449 more words


Not Knowing Could Kill You!!

We all have routine things that we have to do and revisit from time to time. For the most part, we can often expect the same outcome. 1,002 more words

Female Writer

11 Types Of Men Who Make The Best Husbands- Thought Catalog

By Emily Madriga

Men who remain calm in a crisis

No matter who you are married life will be full of storms that you’ll have to weather together. 820 more words