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Health Update Log & Keeping it Real: The Time is Here!!

This past month and a half has been so surreal for me. I have been very ill twice, I have had schedule change issues with my autistic son because it’s summer (he likes routine), I had a special and dear to my heart family member pass, and I (as well as my doctors office) have been fighting insurance for my weight loss surgery. 348 more words

Why my kids are allowed to swear

This is going to be a fun one.

Censorship at Home

You’re hanging out with your friend, and you’re having a fun conversation, and your friend let’s “fuck” slip out. 820 more words


The Friendly Mama gets Fit: Week One

Hey everyone,

Week one is done. I have tried out some awesome recipes, found some great resources, and I’m feeling really good. If you read my previous… 657 more words


Keeping it Real: Stay Positive!

I can’t even begin to express the trails my family and I have gone through the last two weeks. But at the forefront we lost a family member to cancer, Aunt T. 436 more words

Rock bottom… kind of

I am pretty sure that you don’t come here for updates on my weight :). Hell *I* don’t come here to update on my weight! But I have hit rock bottom. 521 more words

Mum Stuff

The Friendly (Fat) Mama

Hey mamas,

So in my last post, I mentioned that I’m going to be making a more valiant effort to lose weight. But first, I thought I would share my history with dieting/body image, and some of my experiences growing up. 1,337 more words


Keeping it Real: Being an Autism Mom

It’s the phrase that a Mommy never wants to hear. It can tear out your heart and smash your hopes and dreams for your child into a million little pieces that no glue could hope to repair. 943 more words