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I deserve better!! Right?

Are we truly worthy? Should we go through life claiming that we are? That is a question that I ponder so very often. Of Corse by the blood of Jesus Christ we become worthy. 486 more words

Keepin' It REAL

Keeping it Real: Let’s Get Moving

I might not like it at first, but eventually it will become something that I do daily that I will need and love. It’s a lifestyle change, all of this is. 458 more words

Keepin' It Real

Keeping it Real: Dealing with Psoriatic Arthritis by Eating Gluten Free

I will tell you what, being over weight is hard on your body by itself—but compounded with Psoriatic Arthritis; well it just means you hurt a lot. 444 more words

Keepin' It Real

Being Authentic in the Online Yoga Community

In a world that values people based on their Instagram feeds – a few gym mirror selfies here, a few cheeky bikini bum pics there, a few dog filter close-ups imported from Snapchat over there, going from digital marketer to starting a small yoga business while staying authentic, to do the opposite of what I’ve been doing for years hasn’t been an easy task. 876 more words


Keeping it Real: Motherhood

I will tell you what, motherhood is no joke. All that love you have for those tiny little humans—it’s like your heart, mind, and body could combust with it. 588 more words

Keepin' It Real

Keepin’ it Real: Set Your Future {Part Three}

Set Your Future—Create Your Community/Understanding Failure

Sometimes, even with all our plans, even with all the goals we set, and even with all of our most well placed physical reminders—Sometimes we find ourselves letting old habits creep in anyway. 483 more words

Keepin' It Real

Keepin’ it Real: Set Your Future {Part Two}

Set Your Future—Set up Physical Reminders

I will tell you, sometimes, my old habits just want to come out to play. Sometimes it is hard to curb them. 250 more words

Keepin' It Real