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a time to grow

Spring has sprung! ‘Tis the season to plant, enjoy the visual gift of your efforts springing from the earth all green and new, and smell all of the divine florals as they burst forth from the trees in vibrant colour. 2,620 more words

Keep Going

Be You Bravely

I was brave this week.  Writing and putting myself out there, letting you all know I fail; That wasn’t easy.  The moment after I hit post, I paced the house, thought “what am I doing”, and wanted to delete it all.   859 more words


my view.

{i don’t usually sit over here}

keepin it real. we live here. i’m gonna pick up that red thingy for my boy, put the remotes away for my beloved, put away the stuff that has collected upon the ironing board in the past 24 hours (the ironing board lives in the UNDER-STAIR-STORAGE), then iron AGAIN for my boy (cuz 1 prom’s not enough), fluff those pillows (too many?), find a PLACE for those, & finally see that bin on table? 66 more words

Weak Flesh

my flesh is weak
I know what it’s like
to lust
after other human beings.

I’ve partied
to that beat
plenty of times.
More often than not, I enjoyed… 24 more words


Hi. My name is Elysha and I fail, a lot.

I feel the need to clear the air: I fail, all the time. I don’t want to fail, it just inevitably happens. I yell at my kids, brake something, say something I shouldn’t, act selfishly or just screw stuff up. 232 more words


Starbucks and Oreos during bikini competition prep....what?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so sorry guys. To quickly bring you all up to speed, I’m 4 weeks out from my bikini competition. 461 more words


The Decision is In

Well, the decision is in. It happened just like I was told it would. Being faced with the daunting decision of whether or not to remove not only one part of my anatomy, but an additional and equally important part as well. 445 more words