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Inflammation In My Tear Gland

I need to take a break from our regularly scheduled program of sarcasm and humor to be completely open and honest with you Рaka the 7 people who actually read this stream of consciousness (hi mom). 463 more words


Fit Girl on the Go - What's in my bag?

As a busy girl on the go, I always keep my tote packed with my daily essentials. Whether I’m moving from work to the gym, to the neighborhood coffee shop to work on client plans, or filming workout videos, I make sure I’m prepped for success! 368 more words


Yes or No Please

Do you ever have one of those frustrating conversations where you have to call a company for support, you ask a yes or no question, and it takes you twenty minutes to get a straight answer? 291 more words

Keepin' It Real

missing miss joni.

my plant. big beautiful hanging plant that brad brought home for me from the Co…just because. thank you honey. i LOVE it. except it seems to be dying. 865 more words

My first NPC Bikini Competition - My transformation, how I stay on track yet enjoy a cheat meal every week!

I finally did it. I ate 1000 pounds of asparagus (or so it felt like it) and trained like an animal in preparation for my first NPC bikini competition over the weekend. 525 more words


A Morning of Mourning...

I’ve learned more in the past couple of months than I had ever hoped to. There are so many things about myself that I’ve never noticed before. 539 more words


Another day, another mile

It is officially late spring/summer around here, which means it’s raining or extremely humid. Bleh. Either way, it saps the energy right out of you! Today’s early morning run was originally started as a 6 miler, which got cut to 5.5 and then walking the last half. 553 more words

Running With Jen