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Mother Emily

As I head down the straightaway of my last trimester, those around me expect that anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed by motherhood will set in. 464 more words

Mind - Body

Do It For The Gram

This post isn’t about Instagram. It’s about social media in general. I’m tired of some of y’all fronting. Yes, I may step on some toes but I ain’t sorry. 385 more words

Being Happy

Med School- Another Truth

With year 1 and 2 under our belt, and the third underway, I thought it was fitting to talk a little about the not so bright side of med school. 1,196 more words


When you fall out of love

With running


The usual

It’s been a long hiatus. And to be honest, I’m not sure how often I’ll keep this updated either. It’s tenuous lately. 756 more words


Welcome part 2

Sean is a former collegiate athlete at Arizona State University. He swam all four years and graduated with a degree in Exercise and Wellness. His next big adventure is entering an exercise and wellness graduate program at ASU this fall 2016. 83 more words

Keepin' It Real


Welcome to our blog!

We want to use this blog to share the part of our lives where we eat, workout, and stay fit. We don’t eat clean all the time, but with the help of a few supplements  and a passion for exercise we’re able to stay in shape all year long. 66 more words

Keepin' It Real

hard floors. felt pads.

the bane of my existence.  anyone else have this problem? in an effort to save my hard floors i put felt pads on the feet of all furniture legs.   196 more words