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Paper Mirror:How Honest a Diary Writer Are You?

End of the day. Time to pause and reflect on the day’s events. Time to write your diary. But just how honest will you be when it comes to putting pen to paper? 230 more words

Reflective Writing Group

Lois and Eddie: The Rest of the Story

When I wrote about Lois and Eddie, I ended the story in mid-June, 1940, when Lois stopped writing in her diary.

At that moment in time, she was young, in love, optimistic—and that seemed enough for me. 830 more words

At Home In Upstate New York

The Pleasures of Vintage Ephemera: Eddie!!

I bought an old diary at a garage sale. Three years ago. For 25 cents.

I finally took a good look.

I can’t stop smiling. 40 more words

At Home In Upstate New York

Wisdom of youth

I believe in wisdom of youth. I believe that there’s are things we used to see clearly that are no longer within our sight. But we regard this loss of vision as having reassessed them as unimportant. 111 more words

Opinion Pieces

10 Reasons to Journal during Christmas

For the last 25 years, I have been telling people to write things down. I am not talking about shopping lists here. I am not even talking about listing your goals, dreams or objectives. 1,065 more words

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How we cope with one parent who works away: Part Two

  Every morning and evening this week, Lenni has asked, “When will Mama be here?”  We do the countdown each time.  I tell her what day it is and how many days until Mama comes home.  351 more words

Simple Living

Short story - prologue

Keeping a diary was to all intents and purposes forbidden in my house when I was growing up. Or at least, it was severely frowned upon. 870 more words