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Thoreau on writing daily

In an early entry in Thoreau’s journal, he writes this about writing. He was 23 at the time:

Let the daily tide leave some deposit on these pages, as it leaves sand and shells on the shore.

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Thoughts & Ideas

Why I Write a Journal

When I was younger, I made several failed attempts of writing a journal.  As a girl who read the Princess Diaries books about six times each, I would always keep them religiously, updating every few hours in painful detail and each try lasted a maximum of about two weeks. 1,144 more words


Self-Care Journaling: Stream of Consciousness

I’m the kind of person who finds the act of writing extremely therapeutic. When I’m feeling stressed out, I really need to get my thoughts out on paper, otherwise they’ll just build up in my head and make it difficult to focus on the day’s tasks or get to sleep at night. 415 more words

Daily Self-Care

The joy of a fountain pen

Before I started this blog I had started a diary, as I do on most journeys. I am continuing with it alongside this blog, but it has changed a bit in focus now. 447 more words

Life In General

Did I take my pills?

I remember a few years ago when I was visiting a cousin in Canada that he had a routine every mealtime of placing a selection of pills on the table beside him. 400 more words


Paper Mirror:How Honest a Diary Writer Are You?

End of the day. Time to pause and reflect on the day’s events. Time to write your diary. But just how honest will you be when it comes to putting pen to paper? 230 more words

Reflective Writing Group

Lois and Eddie: The Rest of the Story

When I wrote about Lois and Eddie, I ended the story in mid-June, 1940, when Lois stopped writing in her diary.

At that moment in time, she was young, in love, optimistic—and that seemed enough for me. 830 more words

At Home In Upstate New York