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A happy hen's guide to making pancakes

It’s half term and the children are with their mum for the early part of the week, and ‘im indoors is out for the evening so it’s just me for pancake fun tonight – at least there’s no pressure of an audience watching me flip. 414 more words

Becoming Good

Happiness is...

Three perfect eggs from your own beautiful hens.

It’s a simple thing, I know, but taking the short stroll to the chicken coop this morning, opening the nesting box and finding a clutch of perfect little eggs – one light brown, one flecked with splashes of blue and one a warm caramel – was akin, for me at least, to waking up on Christmas morning as a child. 138 more words

Becoming Good

Keeping Chickens

It will be a year in 6 weeks since I got chickens.  I have loved having them. And have added to our flock over the year.   369 more words

Keeping Chickens - The Coop

This is the first in a series of posts about keeping chickens. The coop, the run, food, water, natural health and happiness will all be covered. 576 more words


Raising chicks : broody hen or incubator?

We began raising our own chicks this year on Franger Farm using both an incubator and a broody hen. We had varying degrees of success with each method and have discovered that they both have their pros and cons. 705 more words

Suburban Farming

Where to begin???

I went out this morning to survey the plot, wow its a mess, broken fence panels strain all over the place, the storms have broken 3 panes of glass in the greenhouse, plus weeds!!! 57 more words

Home Gardening

A very sad day

This blog was started only a few weeks ago. I called it “Me, five hens, one rooster and a dog called Bella”. After a fox visited the farm today, I should really re-name this blog “Me, two very lucky hens and a dog called Bella”. 202 more words

Keeping Chickens