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Three chickens for sale!

The chickens are running riot. I’m having all manner of trouble with them and thinking of showing them a packet of bread sauce as a severe warning. 388 more words


Stop This Train

Last week we bought two pretty little hens from Howick pet shop to replace Rosie, my beautiful Rosie, and Hattie who both just up and died and are buried in the orchard. 855 more words

Chickens as a food source on the Homestead

Hi All,

I have released two videos to our youtube channel, these videos looks at when the time comes to use some of your flock of chickens as a food source. 143 more words

Off Grid

It's a New World

Today I moved fourteen fluffy chicks from the incubator to the brooder. I am no longer an incubator virgin.  I would say that I had a positive initiation experience.


Baby Chick Update - week one. They've moved in.

We have had our baby chicks for exactly one week and happily, they are much less work than I thought they would be.

I set their brooder up, where they live under the heat lamp, in our garage when we brought them home last week.   271 more words

Early Birds

With a day still to go, according to the electronic countdown on my incubator, there are seven chicks and counting making a racket in the incubator. 115 more words


Living the dream.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. Because seemingly there was a square inch of garden on the other side that they hadn’t pooped on yet. 1,111 more words

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