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Introducing our new hens

For the past few months we have been utterly inundated with eggs. It’s come as a bit of a shock to be honest as since we got our new hens late last summer, it’s taken them a while to get into their stride to say the least… 685 more words

Food From The Garden

Homesteading interview

In April 2015 I was interviewed for a website called “The Thrifty Homesteader” about our natural life, rearing goats and chickens, living an eco-friendly life.  You can read the interview below, or see the original here: 1,078 more words

Growing Food

Getting started with chickens

As far as I can work out there are 2 types of chickens that people keep here, local chickens, and “Agric” chickens.

Local chickens are, well, local!   214 more words

Keeping Chickens

Newcastle Disease

We bought 12 local chickens in the market and so far, a week later, 5 have died. A vet at Vom hospital cut one of them open and identified Newcastles Disease. 301 more words

Keeping Chickens

Buying local chickens from the market

Keeping local chickens is great! They are so beautiful and their variety of colours and patterns never ceases to amaze me. You will get eggs and meat – as well as hours of entertainment watching their antics and enjoy their gentle calls. 294 more words

Keeping Chickens

Humans Could Learn a Thing or Two From Chickens

When my son was young he wanted to be a farmer and decided the telltale way of knowing if someone was a farmer, was that they had chickens.  772 more words

Everything Else!

New chickens for springtime.

My last post was a sad one.  Mr Fox had killed my rooster and three of my hens.  I spent the next few weeks trying to keep the two hens I had left occupied and  happy but ultimately they were used to being in a bigger social group and as they were no longer allowed to free range in the field but kept in a large enclosed space, they began to fight. 784 more words

Keeping Chickens