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10 truths about keeping backyard chickens

If, like I used to, you stare longingly at Instagram and Pinterest pictures of chickens wandering freely amongst the grass and vegetables of peoples gardens then read on for a few truths. 466 more words

Chickens: Weekly health guide

Here’s something new for me.

It’s hard to escape the fact that due to their previous treatment, ex-battery hens are prone to health problems.

Quite a few people have asked me what I do to keep an eye on my girls’ health and so I thought I’d talk you through my weekly checks. 98 more words


Learning from Gods farming in wild places so we can farm Gods way

Last Friday we had some visitors to our farm to discuss together how we can apply Scripture to caring for creation, for animals, for the soil. 1,607 more words

Growing Food

Everything I Know About Laying Hens & Egg Production

Hens, especially young hens (commonly called “pullets”) will lay eggs. Just how many eggs and how often depends on a number of factors. In addition to age, the breed, environment, diet, health, and time of year all affect a hen’s egg laying potential. 2,399 more words

Unrequited and it feels so goooood. (HAHAHAHAHAH) No.

A year ago I received a wonderful present.  A “chocolate box” of 5 chickens!  One white, 1 speckled, 1 blonde, 1 black, and an amber-colored Amercauna.   412 more words


Putting chickens to work making compost

I have many compost heaps, but the one that is ready the fastest is the one that the chickens make for me! 110 more words

Growing Food

Applying Kurt Lewin's Three Step Model of change to chickens! (Part Two)

Does understanding hen ‘pecking order’ provide insight to group dynamics? 469 more words