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My Outdoor Brooder

Before getting my first batch of fresh day old baby chicks, I did a lot of gathering information. Most information that I found had chicks living in a brooder in the house. 662 more words


The gift of fallen leaves

Everyone loves a free gift.  You’d never say “no thanks” and go out and burn a gift?  Well, that’s what happens with fallen leaves every day!  389 more words

Keeping Chickens

How can chickens lay Easter eggs?

How can chickens can lay Easter eggs?  My daughter recently went to collect the chickens’ eggs only to find that some of the eggs were a bit Easterish.   42 more words


Care for your Chickens while on Holiday

This video is about caring for your chickens when on holiday.  How Grandpa’s Feeder, large metal drinkers and a gate closer can give you peace of mind about your chickens when you are on holiday. 150 more words

Keeping Chickens

Taming Roosters

Do you have an aggressive rooster?
Believe it or not, this little fluffball rules the roost in our coop. He’s not exactly intimidating. But even he can get a little “roosterish” from time to time. 175 more words

Keeping Chickens

Rooster Spurs

Crystal R. Bender asked about removing roosters spurs. You may want to remove a rooster’s spurs if he is being too rough with your girls. But generally, most people remove a rooster’s spurs is if he is being too rough with his human handlers. 180 more words


Why You Want to Tame Your Chickens

The more you handle you baby chicks, the more tame they will be. It’s great to have tame chickens for lots of reasons!

First, it’s more fun to have tame chickens. 101 more words