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Let's Get Back to Nature

Earlier this week I drove 20 miles south down WI 35, a roadway punctuated with greenery, gentle rolling hills, a few curves and some more rolling hills.   624 more words


Introducing Chicks to Your Flock

If you have an established flock of chickens, introducing them to your new chicks is a careful process.  Once your chicks are about six weeks old they are big enough to tolerate the environmental challenges of living outdoors, but they may still face a difficult time integrating with the much bigger, usually bad tempered, hens. 491 more words


Our year in photos

Over my 10+ years in Africa I have been gradually getting concerned about how we as Westerners model a lifestyle that is very consumerist.  If everyone watching us here lived a Western lifestyle, we would need multiple planets to provide the water, fuel, minerals, materials etc, yet we only have one earth!   1,155 more words

Preserving Food Without A Fridge/freezer


It started off as a normal morning. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, Casanova was making a racket in the garden. I was sipping my morning coffee when I heard a knock at the door. 642 more words

Getting Easier

We processed one of our hens yesterday.

I always dislike moments where I must process one of my chickens. I was the kid on the farm who cried when she had to slaughter. 198 more words

Hippie Stink

Designing and Planning a Vegetable Garden

At the time that we bought our house with its overgrown wilderness of a garden, we had no idea how much outdoor space we actually had, but we were certain that whatever the size, a large part of it would be taken up by raised beds and become a productive vegetable plot. 426 more words


New Cock on the Block: Introducing Casanova

When you keep hens for eggs you learn to read your eggs for information on the well-being of your flock. You begin to notice variations in the colour, shape and thickness of the shell, the consistency of the white and the yellowness of the yolk. 535 more words