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I Used To Wear High Heels

As I sit here typing this short post and listening to my dogs expelling the noxious gases that have resulted from them eating all the fallen plums in the garden, I find myself reflecting on how the townie I once was could have ended up in rural France with too many dogs, cats and chickens. 434 more words

Pets & Problems

The Girls

So you have all probably realised by now that I am a complete animal nut. Fur, feathers and shells they are al welcome in my home. 805 more words


Keeping chickens and dogs.

The dog has now eaten so much of the hens’ magic laying food I’m expecting her to start laying eggs any day.  Our chickens and dog live in relative harmony and Hope doesn’t chase them or bark at them, but when I call her to come back in, and she slopes round from by the hen house licking her lips wearing a guilty expression, I know exactly what she’s been up to. 365 more words



We got chickens a few weeks ago from someone who was giving them away. We were supposed to take their coop as well, but it was decided that the coop was too difficult to move. 659 more words

Money Matters

My Week in Pictures

Monday was BOILING (Tuesday too).  I blogged earlier in the week about how it was almost too hot but it was certainly a great day for gardening in your wellies. 321 more words

Orkney Views

The chickens have moved house...

For the past four years our chickens have had a large run against the back wall, about 20 sq. m in size .  They used this for roosting at night, but in the daytime had the run of the farm. 278 more words

Keeping Chickens

An abundance of eggs!

One of the joys of keeping your own chickens is that we have an abundance of lovely fresh eggs. Our mixed flock of 10 hens reliably lay an average of 7 eggs per day, sometimes we get the full 10 eggs and sometimes just 5, but always we have more eggs than we can comfortably eat. 70 more words

Keeping Chickens