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Applying Kurt Lewin's Three Step Model of change to chickens! (Part Two)

Does understanding hen ‘pecking order’ provide insight to group dynamics? 469 more words

Applying Kurt Lewin's Three Step Model of change to chickens! (Part One)

‘A group is never in a steady state of equilibrium, but is in a continuous process of mutual adaptation.’
Kurt Lewin

520 more words

If only they could talk

and listen and understand… I’m talking about my farm animals of course. They all have their own languages to talk to each other but I wish they could speak mine. 391 more words

Mountain Life

Chicken Wisdom Part 2 - The Circle of Life

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here at thekrousehouse for me and the ladies.  They came down with a respiratory infection that sounded a lot like the common cold.   759 more words

Cooped Up in De Rust

When people ask me “Why De Rust?”, there are many reasons, but one of the reasons we chose this particular house in this particular place was the large backyard. 723 more words

De Rust


We have 7 lovely chickens, two were given to us as they kept running away from their previous home (Janey and Mings), one was a gift from my other half (Freckles), she was part of a pair, but the older chook passed this last month, then I have four that we hatched from eggs cared for by Freckles, I was supposed to be hatching them for a friend, but fell in love with the little puffy chicks and he kindly let me keep them. 690 more words


(do the) funky chicken - keeping silkie bantams

Our two little silkie bantams have just started laying again after a long break! So I thought it would be nice to write about them. 1,385 more words