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Marrying the Old with the New

We feel incredibly lucky to have found our little piece of heaven in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, a small but strong community village, frozen in a bygone era, and have embraced the old ways of living for health and happiness. 670 more words

Mountain Life

To molt or not to molt....

Little Miss Olly gave me a scare the other day. I went to check on her and throw her some veggie scraps, but she was nowhere to be seen. 299 more words

The Simple Things - Keeping Hens

If you’ve ever fancied keeping hens and need some fluffy-bottomed inspiration, then you might like to take a peek at an article I wrote for one of my favourite magazines, … 102 more words

Fox-proofing a chicken run

I honestly never thought I’d be concerned about how to fox proof a chicken run, but then I never imagined I’d be adopted by a chicken! 229 more words

The Poulet Chalet...the girls are moving up in the world!

Although I haven’t reached the status of crazy chicken lady yet,  I am certain that most of my family and friends see that coming right around the corner. 474 more words


There are many animals we humans connect to – dogs, cats, and other pets that often become important parts of our lives from childhood. Similarly there are those of us that make that connection with poultry. 386 more words



….back home from a whirlwind trip to London . The smell of my dog’s head and the way she leans on me while I’m eating breakfast . 84 more words