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Chickens weeding

Who likes weeding?  Not me!  But my chickens love it. 200 more words

Growing Food

Come Meet The Ladies!

This week I thought I would introduce you to my girls.

I have 3 hens in my urban backyard farm, they go by the names of Angeleek, Bubble and Squeak. 268 more words

Chickens or Eggs?

Have you thought about keeping chickens in your backyard? In response to the recession this country is still recovering from, many families have considered having chickens to help with their food supply and family economics. 415 more words

Backyard Chicken Coop

Nine Days To Go

We’ve had a bit of a setback in our preparations today, as this morning Mark went into the garden to feed our chickens only to discover that they had been killed, apparently by a fox. 78 more words

Three Lakes

I Used To Wear High Heels

As I sit here typing this short post and listening to my dogs expelling the noxious gases that have resulted from them eating all the fallen plums in the garden, I find myself reflecting on how the townie I once was could have ended up in rural France with too many dogs, cats and chickens. 434 more words

Pets & Problems

The Girls

So you have all probably realised by now that I am a complete animal nut. Fur, feathers and shells they are al welcome in my home. 805 more words


Keeping chickens and dogs.

The dog has now eaten so much of the hens’ magic laying food I’m expecting her to start laying eggs any day.  Our chickens and dog live in relative harmony and Hope doesn’t chase them or bark at them, but when I call her to come back in, and she slopes round from by the hen house licking her lips wearing a guilty expression, I know exactly what she’s been up to. 365 more words