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T.V. Fails

Every time, and I mean every time (because it seems I don’t learn), I’m running through the t.v. guide a bit too quickly and I happen to catch a glimpse of “ 41 more words


Don't Fade; Flourish

I love fresh flowers in my home. I love the scent that welcomes me as I walk through the door and the sight of the delicate petals unfolding day by day. 545 more words


Wednesday Trivia Question

What is the name of Hyacinth Bucket’s beloved son on Keeping Up Appearances?

The only son of Hyacinth and Richard Bucket is often mentioned but never seen. 40 more words

Sounds Familiar

“More Christmas cards, eh? Are they genuine, or are they more of those you’ve written to yourself?” – Richard Bucket (Clive Swift) to his wife Hyacinth (Patricia Routledge), Keeping Up Appearances

The Labyrinth at the Du Pont Family Church

Pierre du Pont, who built Longwood Gardens, once said his religion was a “non-practicing Episcopalian.”

“Just like me,” I told my wife.

“You were never an Episcopalian.” 660 more words

Popular Culture

Narcissist* Traits - They "Put On A Show" Of Their Deeds

Matthew 23:5

5 But they (scribes and Pharisees) do all their deeds to be noticed by men…..

As we mentioned here, here, and…

742 more words

Hedging our bets

In light of the fact that we can typically get raspberries from our yard in December, I’m thinking more and more about an edible hedgerow.  Raspberries, beautyberries , maybe more quince… 106 more words

Tactless Observations