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Kick That Bad Habit

Anonymous Chick threw me this challenge and I know everyone has been wondering if I dodged it. Well, I wanted to be sure I was coming from a place of compassion. 610 more words

"The Show Must Go On" Mentality

You’ve probably seen the clip by now because it’s all over the internet – Madonna’s wardrobe malfunction at the BRITs 2015 which caused her to be pulled, rather unceremoniously, onto the floor during her performance. 518 more words


Mind the tree

Anyone who has ever seen the great BBC show “Keeping Up Appearances” will instantly recognize that title. Gotta love Hyacinth ;)


Random / Varia

Keeping up appearances

Doing bad things and saying bad things are just that…Bad. We get it, right?

Well thinking bad things are just as bad, right? They dirty up your heart and soul and mind. 431 more words


Twee-infused hip-hop from Austin, Texas is the last place I’d have expected to find a reference to Keeping Up Appearances‘ Hyacinth Bucket, but the world is a very crazy place and that’s what exactly you get with the Jamie T-esque… 48 more words


Kids party craziness

Recently in the UK there have been two ‘incidents’ that just deem how crazy this business of having the biggest and best kids party has got. 697 more words

Remembering to laugh

I can be very intense at times, driven by goals and manifesting. I can also take myself way too seriously. I’m not self criticizing, it’s my personality. 201 more words