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The Urban Poor Keeping Up Appearances must stop!

The moment I read it, I knew I had to write about it. I knew in my bones that this message had to appear on my blog and it had to be shared for all my followers to read and know that it’s not okay, not fair, not fine, not kind and not your destiny. 385 more words


Radio Therapy

In a grin and bear it society where one is reluctant to share that a job interview didn’t go well or that they are childless or single, I find it amazing that we love spilling out the gory details of our lives to the general public on radio. 424 more words



The place in your heart where you go to cry. Sometimes you have to keep up appearances, and still be able to ‘let it all out’. 11 more words

Astonishing Quality from an Underestimated Brush


I use paint brushes on a regular basis.

New, good brushes are expensive. I get as good a quality as I can afford when I buy them. 192 more words

Art As Work

The Most Frightening Thing I've Read Today (Until The Election Results Come In)

This paragraph appears on the Guardian web-site as part of a long piece on this summer’s must-watch TV (none of which I want to).

“As sedate as it was, the Open All Hours revival Still Open All Hours was such a hit that the BBC is repeating the idea across the board. 85 more words

The Goggle-Box

Striving for Simplicity in a Flamboyant Society

I fell in love with simplicity some years back.  I was drawn to the idea of having no attachment to a place and people’s opinions.  I started working towards this fuss-free life in everything from interior décor to travel luggage to celebrations.   518 more words


Wednesday Trivia Question

On Keeping Up Appearances, what is the name of Violet’s husband?

A simple one this week. We all know of the travails of middle class social climber Hyacinth Bucket (a-hem, “Bouquet”) and her sisters – Rose, Daisy and Violet. 35 more words

Wednesday Trivia Question