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KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES (2016): The Thing I Liked…

I sat down to watch Keeping Up With The Joneses without any grand expectations and that’s probably the best way to go into it, should you choose to do so. 178 more words


Possibility of Balance

Rows of standing stones by a sacred place
Surrounded by rows of big wooden boxes.
Azalea-shrubbed foundation fronts
Swing sets, jungle gyms, inflatable pools
In posterior postage-stamp partitions. 172 more words


You never know when you'll fall in like with the spies next door

Opposites sure do attract. Movies like Keeping Up With the Joneses wouldn’t have it any other way.

This action-adventure-comedy directed by Greg Mottola from a screenplay by Michael LeSieur sends a godly secret agent couple played by statuesque Jon Hamm and Gal Godot undercover into an Atlanta cu de sac populated by the scrupulously ordinary husband-and-wife played by not-quite-so-zippy Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher. 187 more words


Donnie Downer

So Journal,

Right after the Wallflower post, I got a call from a friend I have been ignoring because she is so happy about life and I honesty can’t stand that, (because obviously I hate life and black is my favorite color and I wake up to… 634 more words


Keeping Up With the Joneses

The phrase originates with the comic strip Keeping Up with the Joneses, created by Arthur R. “Pop” Momand in 1913. The strip ran until 1940 in… 488 more words

Just Because

Keeping up with the Lexicon

​What do you call a movie that’s based on a common american phrase………

that itself is based on a WW1 – era comic strip?



Keeping Up with the Joneses Movie Review

Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher are two performers that made themselves known to the moviegoing masses with some outlandish roles where they got to let their freak flags fly in The Hangover and Wedding Crashers, respectively. 406 more words