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Back To School 2014 !

Coming into my senior year, I wasn’t scared nor was I worried about what I was in store for. I wasn’t excited either, being a senior hasn’t quite hit me yet. 204 more words


NGO's, Politics and the Demise of the Grass Roots Revolution

by Heather Martin

Aug 14, 2013

“This is an age of discouraged revolutionaries” – Alex Comfort (from Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State, 1950)

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Heather Martin puts all of the pieces together brilliantly in this article- documenting her experiences in Saskatchewan watching the NDP, Green Party, Sierra Club and Polaris Institute co-opting movements in her province. To add to her story, Toronto activistocrat Taylor Flook was with Jeh Custera when they invaded Parliament. The connection she makes with Kevin Annett's family's Western Canada Water and the Council of Canadian's protests answers a lot of questions I've been pondering. I don't normally re-blog people's articles- but, this one is a must read!

Report From Tonight's Casseroles March At Toronto's George Brown College!

I like George Brown college. I lectured there about the Occupy movement a couple of months ago- the students were smart, inquisitive, and turned on to the issues of social activism. 921 more words


Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users (VANDU)- Your Tax Dollars At Work!

There’s a march going on right now in Vancouver. Just a few minutes ago VANDU was blocking traffic on the Cambie Street Bridge, carrying a banner saying ‘Homes Not Jails’… 351 more words


Professor Anthony James Hall: The Truther With An Aversion To Truth!

One of the people connected to the Occupy movement who confuses me more than others is Anthony James Hall– a professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. 444 more words