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So here it is, the day..well night before society declares me 30 years old, when I actually dont turn until 9:30 AM i hopped on my laptop as fast as I could, as I sit here and type here ferociously trying to get it out by midnight, I just want to tell the world as myself as a keepsake of sorts at I’ve learned a lot in my 20’s I’ve gained much wisdom and met wonderful people, been hurt, been healed gotten closer to God and spent more time with myself alone figuring myself out and how I fit in it with the world than any other time in my life, and though all good things must come to an end, this is a new beggining, it will bring me great joy looking back knowing that I wrote this while I was still 29 knowing I would want this for myself..i’ll leave this off with a quote from the movie Click that hit me hard when I watched it, perhaps it was meant for me to see it then..enjoy those 30’s Cae..go get em….WAKE YOUR ASS UP AND BE INSPIRED!!! 39 more words

#G45JunkJournal Challenge

I designed the junk journal with the gorgeous “Imagine ” paper collection from Graphic 45.

The journal has lots of pockets and places for photos, keepsakes, journaling, and more! 120 more words

Snuggle Bugs

Have you seen the story/image on Facebook that has been doing the rounds about having a toy made from Grandpa’s shirt so that the grandchildren can remember him?  410 more words

Support Local

First Day of School 2018-2019

I have something to share with you.

I know we are all excited for school to start. My mom loves first day of school pictures. I mean she goes crazy about them. 107 more words

Shares From BK

It's A Blog Birthday

Today is the day, the day kmoandjmo turns 1!  In reality this past year has gone by the same amount of time as any other year but it seems like it went quicker than ever before. 397 more words


From heartbreak comes beauty

After all the water damage from the last wedding album I’ve created a new one for myself and my fiancé. I’m loving how it’s turned out so far. 131 more words


King and Queen Crown Couple Necklace Set

King and Queen Crown Couple Necklace Set – $67

King and Queen Crown Couple Necklace Set – $67

King and Queen Crown Couple Necklace Set – $67

Product Is No Longer Available

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