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“irrepressible and boundless hopefulness of the human mind”


Keepsake - Part 3

The first thing I needed to do was separate the puzzle into colors. That took quite a bit of time, turning over each piece and organizing them. 2,117 more words


Footprint Snowman Craft

I am so in love with how these turned out!! I painted the bottom of the child’s foot and helped them place it on the paper. 66 more words


Making Memory Jam

Okay so maybe I’m getting old (41 and counting) but the years seem to be passing by so quickly. Where is time going? Who is sneaking in and stealing my life? 174 more words

Focus On Well Being

The Me Journal (week 3)

This or That

I prefer hot over cold (I don’t like to shiver)

I prefer rain over shine (I love a rainy day)

I prefer credit over cash (I never carry cash) 337 more words



All people make virtues out of necessities, for life would otherwise be unbearable.

Jo-Ann Shelton, “As the Romans Did” p. 2


DIY Valentines Keepsake Decor

I love doing crafts with the kids, especially around holidays. With them being so young, I want keepsakes for when they get older. We had so much fun making this craft. 136 more words