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365 poems-107

The buzz word is around
The mantra for moving on.

For reducing boxes of “firsts”
And “adorables” and
Other sundry keepsakes

Not to be confused with… 20 more words


Oldie But Goodie!

I recently spoke on my need to change things up a bit, but here are some of my favorites that I’m bringing along with me. 613 more words



I had myself a good, long cry today.

Last week we went out of town. We propped all the doors open and made sure the cats had plenty of food and water before we left. 590 more words

Hope chest – a thing of the past?

In case of fire or flood, some of my precious possessions would not be salvaged. Even my hurricane evacuation plans don’t involve rooting through my cedar chest to rescue treasures such as notes passed in high school, scrapbooks with black and white photos stuck in corner tabs, my stuffed kitty crib toy and a tin coin from Hersheypark. 576 more words

65 Plus

The Memory Room: A Poem about Remembering

I was honored to recently have a glimpse into a room that held a lot of memories of a family I have known for a few years. 234 more words


January 14th

Monday, January 14th, 2019

I don’t know about you, but the holidays hit us hard.

Constantly on the go, anytime we had something that we didn’t have time to deal with we placed it in our utility room as a way of saying “We’ll deal with you later.” 239 more words


It has been a week since we’ve celebrated the arrival of another year, 2019! If I haven’t greeted you yet, happy new year! To you my readers, I wish you good health, safety, genuine happiness, contentedness and everlasting blessing! 664 more words

Life Moments