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Baby's First Easter Keepsake

Wether this is your little monster’s first Easter, or one of the many more to celebrate, making keepsakes is always a fun way to remember such a special holiday! 283 more words

How losing my most-treasured possession in a fire taught me not to hoard.

Ever heard the classic conversation starter ‘If you had a fire, what would you save?’ Imagine if your legitimate answer was ‘well I did have a fire – and I lost it.’  2,009 more words


The launch of Danique Keepsakes

Welcome to my shiny new blog, to go along with my shiny new Facebook business page, Instagram and Etsy shop! Work is currently in progress but I can’t wait to launch Danique Keepsakes in April and best of all, I will be sharing my knowledge along the way! 253 more words

Adult Keepsakes

Cherish The Odd

As you can see from this photo, Modern Philosophers, I keep some interesting items on my desk to help me get through the workday.

Of course, there’s Doc Brown on a hoverboard, and a shout out to Star Wars in the form of my Han Solo bobblehead.  487 more words


Pinning Inspiration

The bulletin board above my work table has a multiple personality. It’s located in the tiny “dining room” of our apartment (i.e. right in our living room) – oh, how I envy those fortunate enough to have their own craft room/studio! 332 more words

Manu Facta

The Joys of Crafting – Simple Key-chains

Don’t just capture moments. Live life.

The key-chains in full view

These will be given to co-participants in a workshop.

Instead of simply handing out business cards, I thought it might be a good idea to attach these. 11 more words