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New Year, New Possibilities: Through the Eyes of Kees van Dongen

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  

A note about the post below: You will notice that this was written a few weeks ago. Balancing my writing with the other responsibilities that make up life in general is proving to be a challenge. 823 more words

Art Life Connection

Painting is the Most Beautiful of Lies

Above: Kees van Dongen portrait of the artist as Neptune (1922 oil on canvas 170x120cm)

Dutch-French Fauvist painter, Cornelis Theodorus Maria ‘Kees’ van Dongen  was born in Delfshaven, then on the outskirts, and today a borough, of Rotterdam on 26 January 1877. 440 more words


Violent Theories

Once in a while you have a funny or interesting conversation that you forget about, until it somehow manages to pop up back into your head. 143 more words



Kees van Dongen (Dutch, 1877-1968): Maria c.1907-10 (Oil on canvas, The Met) – Maria captures the direct gaze of the sitter. The painting was quickly rendered with a large brush and intense, unblended color, reflecting Van Dongen’s exposure to and general association with Fauvism and Expressionism, two artistic movements characterized by bold, sometimes violent use of color… Painted with a certain stylization, Van Dongen’s female sitters often resemble one another with their large, blackened eyes and pale white flesh tones…