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A Tale of Three Harbours 

It is undoubtedly true that the Ionian is becoming more crowded. I understand that a lot of foreign boats have left Turkish waters due to the uncertainty of the political situation there, some some 1,000 I’ve been told heading for Greece many to the Ionian. 759 more words

My Kefalonian Idyll

Being vegan and a hedonistic Taurean my memories of a place are often defined by the food I have eaten there. This pic sums up the simple fare I have enjoyed in Greece and describes my last supper and breakfast in Argostoli. 239 more words


Κεφαλονίτικη κρεατόπιτα!

Τοπικό παραδοσιακό φαγητό της Κεφαλονιάς. Δεν θα μπορούσαμε να μην γράψουμε γι’ αυτή την πίτα και να μην την μοιραστούμε μαζί σας! Είναι πεντανόστιμη και θα σας βγάλει ασπροπρόσωπες σε ένα τραπέζι! 

Shades of Kefalonia

Indigo, the deep blue contains an abundance of sapphires shining their light through the density, awakening and stirring our consciousness. In the daylight the sea will change, but for now it remains mysterious, obtainable through our imagination. 8 more words

Art And Culture


Κεφαλονίτικη Στραπατσάδα!

Η αγαπημένη ομελέτα του καλοκαιριού! Εύκολη, γρήγορη και πεντανόστιμη!


  • 1 κιλό ώριμες ντομάτες
  • μισό φλιτζάνι λάδι
  • 4 αυγά
  • 150γρ. φέτα
  • αλάτι – πιπέρι


Ξεφλουδίζουμε τις ντομάτες και τις χοντροκόβουμε με το μαχαίρι. Τις βάζουμε στο τηγάνι να πιουν τα υγρά τους. Προσθέτουμε αλάτι, λάδι, πιπέρι, και το τυρί σε χοντροκομμένα κομμάτια. Ρίχνουμε τα αυγά τα αφήνουμε λίγο να πήξουν και μετά τα ανακατεύουμε.


It’s nearly twenty years since I moved to Holland. I hadn’t been able to find work in Ireland, my painting had stalled and I had left it behind completely when some artist ‘friends’ told me I wasn’t really an artist like them. 1,027 more words


The perfect secret spot in Lourdas, Kefalonia

Lourdas is a small, quaint village on the south coast of Greece’s Kefalonia island. It is situated a little way up a steep hill between the sea and the mountain range. 204 more words