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How can Kegel exercises lead to a better orgasm? (Video)

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Bad news! 71% of women do not reach an orgasm during sex… Here’s what to do about it… Read more…

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The dog is probably one of the most important inventions in the history of civilization. More than just another thing, it has been a protector, a hunter and -when push came to grunt- a way of getting us out of the cave for exercise while our partner tore strips of meat off the mammoth for dinner. 1,062 more words

Easy Kegel Exercises for Men

Did you know that Kegel exercises could boost sexual performance in men? Yes, that’s right; these exercises or contractions are not just for women with incontinence problems post childbirth. 326 more words

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How can Kegel exercises lead to a better orgasm?

Dr. Arnold Kegel developed a series of exercises called “Kegel Exercises” to help people with vulvas experience more intense orgasms. Here’s how to perform these exercises: 270 more words

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Facts Women Must Know About Kegel Exercises

Women face many problems related to a vagina and some of them can easily be prevented by doing kegel exercises. Kegel exercise is very beneficial for a woman to prevent incontinence and prolapsed of pelvic organs. 267 more words


The Little Muscles That Could: The Mysterious Muscles You Should Be Exercising

Andrew Siegel MD 11/5/2016

This entry was a feature article in the Fall 2016 edition of BC The Magazine: Health, Beauty & Fitness.

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Best Exercises To Improve Sexual Function

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or are unable to reach orgasm, it is important that you achieve a higher level of fitness than you currently have. 242 more words