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Arnold Kegel’s Device—The Perineometer: Prototype Resistance Device

Andrew Siegel MD 7/23/16

Image above: Arnold Kegel’s perineometer

The pelvic floor muscles and vagina often become traumatized with the process of pregnancy, labor and vaginal delivery.   907 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Being a Pregnant Unicorn.

I am aware that my days as a pregnant unicorn are numbered, and there is a good chance that before long I will be demoted to a mere pregnant zebra, or tiger. 1,860 more words


Andrew Siegel MD 7/9/16

A “myth” is a widely held but false belief or idea. With respect to Kegel pelvic floor exercises, there are many such myths in existence. 1,205 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Vaginismus & Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are difficult for me. It’s not that I can’t do them, but I feel like they make my vagina tighter; they don’t help my muscles relax. 198 more words


Who Is Arnold Kegel And What’s All That Fuss Over The Pelvic Floor?

Andrew Siegel MD 6/25/16

(photo above: Dr. Arnold Kegel, Gladser Studio, 1953)

*Note: Much of this entry is excerpted from The Kegel Fix: Recharging Female Pelvic, Sexual and Urinary Health… 1,280 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Your Pelvic Floor After Childbirth

Andrew Siegel MD 5/21/16

Pregnancy, labor and delivery are amazing experiences culminating in the birth of a precious human being. However, the process can be traumatic with possible untoward pelvic consequences. 895 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Why Absorbent Pull Ups are Most Preferred for Overnight Use

Overnight Absorbent Pull Ups

The advantages of buying the most absorbent pull-ups for overnight use are way too many to attract you into trying one for your own comfort. 1,020 more words

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