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Julian Bashir: One thing’s for sure: Sloan knew he had the perfect bait, that I wouldn’t be able to resist it. But there was one thing he failed to consider.

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Quote of the Day

Julian Bashir:¬†You don’t need me there. I’ve seen you handle your wife thousands of times. Just say you’re sorry and that you take full responsibility; you’ll be fine!

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Quote of the Day

Miles O’Brien: Wanna try for twins?
Keiko O’Brien: I don’t think it works that way. You’d better brush up on your biology.
Miles O’Brien: Teach me!

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The Assignment

Creepy episode!

I don’t care much for the good & evil stuff with the prophets and the pah wraits, but the episode was at least thrilling.

Miles Edward O'Brien

Body Parts

This was hilarious!

And I was impressed with Quark finally getting the guts to break the contract!

The Kira / Keiko-story was written because Nana Visitor became pregnant, but I think it’s a really interesting story idea, which brings more conflict and difficulties for the O’Briens… 8 more words

Season 4 (DS9)


An old Bajoran poet, Akorem, returns from the wormhole and claims to be the Emissary. Sisko gladly steps back, but then changes his opinion when Akorem reinstates the Bajoran cast system and thus steering Bajor off from its course towards Federation membership… 20 more words

Benjamin Sisko


Hilarious episode about everyone turning love-crazy because Lwaxanna Troi has an illness and wrecks havoc with her telepathic abilities.

I found the Bajoran festivities on the station were really beautifully done. 52 more words