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So much...So much...

I’m bringing up Keith Campbell’s death again because his memorial was last Sunday.  His friend’s who loved him loved him TREMENDOUSLY! I honor their love and understand it. 691 more words

WWA welcomes new board members

    On Thursday, Aug. 13, the Wounded Warrior Anglers of America board of directors approved three new board members, Keith Campbell, Brad Jessen and Kevin Purdy. 1,338 more words

Wounded Warrior Anglers Of America

Keith Campbell (Twilight) August 10th,1968 - August 5th, 2015

The large Twin Cities Blue Star Wicca tradition community, and Pagans nationally are mourning the loss of Keith Campbell. His announcement of a cancer diagnosis, and rapid passing was a shock friends and tradition mates are still trying to come to terms with. 529 more words

Human Interest

Funerals for Pagans.

Trigger warning—pic of deceased

Ever since I started circling with Bluestar, I started to visualize Pagan’s I knew dying who were ailing from cancers.  I knew with Christians it was so quiet, rarely any music, and sometimes the Pastor made it in time to read Psalm 23.    637 more words

Keith Campbell, Still Keeping Busy On Political Commentary And Ceramics in North Bay

Keith Campbell has a keen eye for political commentary and is keeping busy ensuring that ceramics in North Bay has a home.

His latest foray into political comment skewers the Senate spending scandals. 241 more words


'Numb from the generosity'

One Lehigh Acres veteran is still “numb from the generosity” he received from the Wounded Warrior Anglers Acts of Kindness Emergency Fund, earlier this month. 730 more words

Wounded Warrior Anglers

Public vs. charter school: Which is best option for our children?

The school choice battle rages on — public school proponents believe their way of implementing education is the best way, while proponents of charter schools believe their way of instructing our youth is better. 740 more words