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CO World Premiere: Savour Every Moment (Director’s Cut)

In late April, we featured the short film “Savour Every Moment” from Keith Hopkin. Now Keith is back with an expanded “ 41 more words


There are no words to describe how cute this squirming mound o’ fur is.


The. Puppy. Pile.

Keith Hopkin, how do you do eet?

Dogs In Cars: California

We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number 1
California here we come
Right back where we started from

And here’s another version that’s not California-centric! 8 more words

Savour Every Moment

We should, shouldn’t we?

A short film by Keith Hopkin.

“I produced this via an artistic grant for Canadian-based pet food company Petcurean. It premieres today, April 27, during the… 43 more words

Dog Rides Videos

Have you seen those beautiful photos of dogs in car rides? The ones they look so blissful?

Last night, I stumbled onto a blog post called… 157 more words

Dog Stuff


Thank god it’s furry! And thank god I fuckin’-live-in-California!


New to Us This Week

1. I caught a few minutes of Ellen yesterday before the President busted in with his Afghanistan speech.

My favorite talk show host/comedian was chatting it up with Jessica Alba (the only reason we left it on is because our “Hawaii 5-0” fave Scott Caan was up next). 241 more words