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Here’s How This Will End for Trump

While Keith Olbermann has been “over the top” in giving us all the reasons for his left wing view of the world, his description of how the Trump presidency could end is a reasonable theory.  29 more words


Keith Olbermann Details Feud With Bill O'Reilly, Warns of 'Billo' Comeback

Don’t assume this is Bill O’Reilly’s Last Loofah.

Obviously, nothing would please me more than to be wrong about that. But everything from industry gossip to his own angry farewell statement to the tectonic changes in video news consumption implies that I’m not. 2,400 more words


Fake news alert: Trump still counts as friend man who died 10 years ago; Public suspects dementia

There’s gotcha journalism, and then there’s this, which doesn’t quite measure up to the standard of gotcha journalism but was a sincere struggle. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin caught President Trump during a press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni claiming opu legendLuciano Pavarotti as a good friend despite the fact that Pavarotti… 294 more words

‘Sitting on your lap?’: Sarah Palin was sexually harassed at Fox News by Roger Ailes and others

Bill O’Reilly succeeds in making Sarah Palin a sympathetic character. The day after she made a complete ass of herself by posing in front of one of the most accomplished women in history while mugging with a pedophilic, draft-dodging coward and the bastard spawn of a Vegas lounge act and the cabaret MC from a crack dealers benefit concert. 34 more words