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The Left Melts Down After Trump Declares: 'There Are No Comey Tapes'

I’ve procured the full rundown for those of you interested in consuming the tears of liberals. This is the worst meltdown on the left since… 159 more words

Olbermann Fired from MSNBC

Olbermann Fired from MSNBC

Actually, he was fired a while ago – for saying stupid shit. It obviously didn’t teach him a thing to get canned from a station so liberal they are propagandists themselves. 255 more words

Keith Olbermann calls for the immediate arrest of Jared Kushner

 When liberal celebrities are not too busy pretending to behead the President they are apparently busy calling for the arrest of Jared Kushner. That is what Keith Olbermann did today, … 191 more words


The 4 biggest breakups in sports media

The sports world was stunned upon hearing ESPN’s Mike & Mike would be no more even after weeks of reports indicating they would be broken up. 498 more words