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Dan Patrick on why he and Keith Olbermann were 'in handcuffs' on SportsCenter

Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann formed a legendary SportsCenter partnership with Dan Patrick in the mid ’90s, but Olbermann left the network amid controversy in 1997, eventually landing at Fox. 371 more words


Dale Earnhardt Jr. responds to Keith Olbermann criticizing him for being at Stanley Cup Final

Welcome to FTW’s NASCAR Feud of the Week, where we provide a detailed breakdown of the latest absurd, funny and sometimes legitimate controversies and issues within the racing world. 1,121 more words


The Mainstream Media Have Ultimately Become The Hypocritical News Giants And Have Not Stopped Targeting Conservatives.

On Tuesday, Roseanne Barr, the main character of hit comedy show Roseanne, tweeted at former Obama aide Valerie Jarret, referring to her ‘muslim brotherhood’ as ‘apes’ and called leftist Hungarian billionaire George Soros a ‘nazi’. 558 more words


Being conservative is very costly in Hollywood ask Roseanne

You pay dearly for being a conservative artist these days.

So Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a feckless c–t. Advertisers pull ads over the taped commentary and yet she is still on TV after apologizing for the tasteless joke. 133 more words

Seams Legit: ESPN is bringing back Keith Olbermann AGAIN

I was too young to see Keith Olbermann’s first run with ESPN, so I have no idea if he was great or not back then. From the clips that I’ve seen, he seemed fine, nothing crazy. 220 more words

Keith Olbermann Is Expanding His ESPN Role With 'SportsCenter' Hosting And MLB Coverage

Keith Olberman is adding to his responsibilities with ESPN. In his sixth tenure with the Worldwide Leader, Olbermann will see an expanded presence on the sports network in the coming months. 341 more words

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