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Keith Richards LIFE (book review)

I had bought this book not knowing too much about Keith Richards or the Rolling Stones, other than the infamous stories everybody knows.

From the first page of this book until about page 120 or so everything was very hard to understand for me. 443 more words

Keith Richards' Advice For A Rockin' Life

Before I leave off from Keith Richard’s autobiography, Life, I thought I would jot down a few of the words of wisdom that dear Keef threw off as he rolled along through his rocking life.  434 more words



When I was younger, Sunday fun-day used to consist of a strong commitment to boozy sessions at the pub. As I got older (yep it happens), this evolved to Sunday’s turning into couch dates once the no-day recovery soon required at least one-day recovery. 551 more words

The First Casualty

Dr Hook I Got Stoned and I Missed It

what Keith Richards should have titled his book in fact it should be his theme song

Keith Richards' "Life"

I just finished reading Keith Richards’ memoir, Life.  All of the fabled stories are there – the drug busts, the flair-ups with Mick, taking Anita Pallenberg from Brian Jones.   455 more words

Keith Richards' "Life" -- Worthy of a Read

By Alan Weeks, howiGit Music Writer, Boston, MA

The book sleeve says “This is the Life. Believe it or not I haven’t forgotten any of it.” The best rhythm guitarist in Rock and Roll history has decided to grace us with all the stories that we’ve wanted to hear about since we saw Kurt Cobain drunk on MTV at twelve years old. 497 more words


Keith Richards' Best Guitar Songs

I’m currently in the middle of Keith Richards’ memoir Life, and so far it’s pretty awesome.  I’ll probably review it when I’m actually done.   I’ve always known that good ol’ Keith is an amazing guitarist, and has come up with some of the best riffs in rock, but I had no idea how inventive he actually was in achieving his signature sound.   365 more words