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My Sunday Night Routine

By the time 6pm rolls around on Sunday and the pre-work fear is in full flow, it’s time to wash away the debauchery from the weekend and prepare myself for the week ahead. 935 more words



I recently re-watched the first two seasons of Misfits because I miss it and the first two seasons were the best. There are five seasons altogether but season 3 and 4 aren’t the same because it’s a whole new cast. 152 more words


On A Health Kick: What We Say Vs. What We Mean

As Laura mentioned in her post last weekend, that ‘it’s nearly Summer’ fear is creeping up on us all – in addition to hitting the gym and beginning healthy eating regimes, we are making extra effort to get our eight hours’ beauty sleep and laying off the weekly drinking (it’s been one weekend up to now), and already feeling the benefits. 450 more words


a little less messy.

I read this post yesterday; or maybe the day before? Jet lag is still very real.

I really liked his insight and application of the woman at the well. 667 more words


thank you.

It is very weird to pack up and leave your daily lives for two months. It is a very odd process that requires different ways of thinking and new perspectives. 623 more words