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Easy Vegan Vanilla Cake - Easter Inspired 

Hiya, so I was watching Gabriella Lindley’s vlog the other day (Velvet Gh0st) and she made a really easy vegan vanilla cake so I thought why not give it a go. 329 more words


Little Lady in the Making - Kelli & Jason's Maui Maternity Portrait

There is no greater excitement in life than when you’re expecting your first child. The joy, the nerves, the wonder. What a tremendous time. We were so honored to capture Kelli and Jason during this magnificent moment while they visited from California. 105 more words

Kelli's Ghost Story

Kelli is my two year old niece, going on three, and I’m her favorite Uncle.

I’ve read to her since before she could talk. Books and being read to is part of her upbringing. 389 more words

Guest Review - Kelli - Goblin

Goblin: The Great and Lonely God Review

The comment sections for Goblin recaps were full of insightful thoughts and opinions. Kelli adored this series from beginning to end. 1,717 more words


How to stay an organised blogger

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m soooo bad at being organised. Because of this I thought I’d make a post about being organised and maybe, just maybe I’ll take my own advise and be more organised! 364 more words


Changing Your Name 

Hi guys, so recently I have changed my name! When I decided I was definitely going ahead with it I was unsure where to start so I thought I’d share with you which steps I took so if you’re thinking about changing your name you have an idea on where to start. 365 more words


Most Likely To!

Hi guys so today I wanted to do a most likely to with my sister but she was being very stubborn so all of this is my opinion 😎 hope you enjoy! 232 more words