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Kelly Hu

Hu at the January 2016 MagicCity Comic Con 2,078 more words


My Review of Afro Samurai!

Throughout time, many legends have been told about the mighty samurai… Warriors of honor, loyally serving their masters, as well as lone Ronin, serving only to uphold the values they hold true, whether they be religious or personal. 3,111 more words


The Scorpion King (2002)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays an assassin who is hired to kill a sorceress whose guidance aids the tyrant his people are attempting to overthrow. 122 more words


Scorpion King review: Good Entertainer, Far Better Than Mummy Returns

After the massive success of the mummy (1999), the filmmakers worked on a terrible idea, that is, to make a sequel that will make one hate the original as well. 602 more words

Reelistic Views

Events #2 - Comic Con Germany: Part 1

Hello, my cute Nerds!

As you all might know from my last post: I won a ticket for the Sunday of Comic Con Germany. And what can I say… It was amazing! 4,367 more words

Comic Con

Episode 37: Surf Ninjas (1993)

MikeR brings in another True 90s Kid classic. Between TMNT 2 and 3, New Line Cinema put out this OTHER super rad, gnarly ninja vehicle starring Ernie Reyes Jr., Rob Schneider, Tone Loc, Kelly Hu and Leslie Nielsen. 70 more words


The Tournament (2009)

The 90s are back! If you remember the days of wisecracking psychopaths, ultraviolence and pointlessly twisty plots, then…well, you’ll have probably seen this years ago, as we here at the ISCFC may do many things, but reviewing movies in a timely fashion is not one of them. 1,188 more words