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"Pop By the Bell"

A lil’ piece of nostalgia. My brother and sister and I had a “Saved by the Bell” geek-out last night. :)


The 29 Day Challenge: Part 8 & 9.

8. Old Photos of Me

Oh for fucks sake. Why did I even agree to this bullshit challenge? Fucking hell.

……Say nothing. Not a word. You’re only getting one. 312 more words


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Your Kentucky-South Carolina Officials Are...

Kentucky is 16-6 under Mark Whitehead but we haven’t seen him since the Auburn game last year. He was, however, in Knoxville during WCS’s freshmen year when everyone got a technical and John Robic was ejected. 329 more words


Kentucky-South Carolina Valentine's Score Predictions

Vegas is being pansies with their O/U’s and score predictions this morning, but I still was able to extrapolate some info from them and some offshore sites. 173 more words