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Hard to Kill (1990, Bruce Malmuth)

The best thing about Hard to Kill is how hard supporting player Frederick Coffin tries. He doesn’t have much of a part, but it’s got some soap opera dramatics to it and Coffin goes for it. 440 more words


80's Nerd Comedy Smackdown: Weird Science Vs. Real Genius

This week, we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of two comedy classics.  Well, that may be overstating things.  Two really good teen movies.  Um, two pretty decent cult movies from the 80’s?   1,417 more words


Totally Awesome Facts You Need to Know About Weird Science

John Hughes’ teen comedy, Weird Science was released 30 years ago today!  To celebrate, we’re looking at some totally awesome facts you need to know about… 1,315 more words


The Woman in Red (1984)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 5 out of 10

4-Word Review: Lusting after a model.

Teddy (Gene Wilder) seems to have it all. A great wife (Judith Ivey) a good home in the suburbs and stable job, but then one day that all changes when he inexplicably meets Charlotte (Kelly LeBrock) a beautiful model who turns him on so much he can no longer think straight and jeopardizes his marriage in the process. 452 more words


Here's What The 'Weird Science' Cast Has Been Up To, You Little Maniac

One of the 1980s most celebrated movies, Weird Science successfully mashes the screwball teen sex comedy genre with B-grade science fiction to tell the story of two computer nerds who create the perfect woman and, by consequence, the perfect storm of chaos. 905 more words


What the Hell Happened to Kelly LeBrock?

Kelly LeBrock was “the woman in red”.  When Anthony Michael Hall employed weird science to create his idea woman, it was LeBrock who stepped out.  She even had to remind us not to hate her for her beauty.   3,021 more words