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Il tempo dei teen-cult '80

La nuova generazione, molto probabilmente, non conosce, e non ha mai visto i film che rientrano in questa categoria. I segni distintivi, che li differenziano, possono essere i seguenti: 1,325 more words


Fab Friday

Do you remember Kelly LeBrock, who gave us that famous line “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” Pantene commercials back in the 1980s? She’d toss a glossy head of hair over her shoulder and with those pouting lips and seductive look made every junior high boy swoon and sent all the girls flocking to the store to buy the shampoo.  80 more words


Science Gone Mad Part 2 (Wierd Science, 1985)

John Hughes’ juvenile take on Mary Poppins and genies should really be more problematic than it often is.

Released in 1985, the film pandered to boyish nerd fantasies.  379 more words


Hard to Kill (1990, Bruce Malmuth)

The best thing about Hard to Kill is how hard supporting player Frederick Coffin tries. He doesn’t have much of a part, but it’s got some soap opera dramatics to it and Coffin goes for it. 440 more words


Steven Seagal: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Powerful

Twenty-five years ago, Steven Seagal was an ascendant action hero.  He starred in two low-budget hits in 1990; Hard to Kill (which costarred his wife, … 392 more words

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