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The sequel to Top Gun (1986) will be released in 2019 on my birthday. I saw the original with a bunch of highschool friends, so it will be a trip down nostalgia alley; minus the friends  :(  Anyway, the original made me, naive country boy, dislike Cruise because I figured you can’t play an asshole without being an asshole, and I’d had my fill of assholes by then; but that’s ‘acting’ innit, and Cruise has since redeemed himself. 601 more words

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July 9: Happy Birthday Kelly McGillis and Chris Cooper

As we begin the second year of the birthday article series, it is appropriate that one of our headliners is a WTHH subject.  The other is one of the greatest character actors of our time. 1,383 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

Ep. 4: Top Gun


This week we recast the 1980’s Aerial Combat classic, Top Gun. Now I don’t remember if I mentioned it in the pod, but for how many times I’ve seen this movie, I don’t think I’d ever seen it all the way through in one sitting. 295 more words


Movie Ramblings: Stake Land

Stake Land is a post apocalypse vampire story and has more in common with many zombie stories like 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead… 955 more words







The Innkeepers has its fans. Most of them, though, are American. The movie was not a British hit. The film is low-key horror and different. 1,620 more words

So, Top Gun 2 is a go. Is 'Nights of Thunder' next?

Tom Cruise has announced that Top Gun 2 is a go and here I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, this sequel is 30 years too late. 466 more words


Stake Land (2010, dir. Jim Mickle)

A teen and a grizzled hunter journey across a post-vampire-apocalypse America. An episodic but imaginative spin on the genre, wth plenty of ideas, some clever spins on old tropes, and a fun central performance.

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