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Hanging loose to stretch out: antigravity yoga at Shine Alternative Fitness

I’m going to ask you to think about two things. The first, a timeless feature in many a childhood, is a swing set. (If you’re like me, other memories reminiscent of fifth grade come to mind.) The second is a hammock–any kind you want, perhaps surrounded by shady trees or a nice water feature. 540 more words

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Get ready to 'Shine' at new alternative fitness center

A — dare I say — radiant new facility for dancers, aerialists, pole¬†aficionados and fitness buffs is beaming away in southwest Las Vegas. Shine Alternative Fitness, owned by “Zumanity” assistant company manager Russ Petroni and “Zumanity” solo artist Dima Shine, opened at the end of February and offers classes in things like ballet, contemporary dance, pole dance and antigravity yoga. 141 more words

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Aerial silks 2.0: an update

So it’s been about six weeks, give or take, since I started my aerial endeavors and first shinnied up a strand of silk. Things are coming more naturally now; I’m not sore for days afterward and I can climb a decent distance above the ground before getting that fluttery, good-Lord-the-floor-is-far-away feeling. 423 more words

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Beam me up, Scottie: a dancer meets aerial silks

“You want me to sickle my foot, wrap it in lengths of silk dangling from the ceiling … and then stand on it. Hmm.”

So begun my induction into the world of aerial adventures, judicially guided by aerialists Nicholus Quade and Kelly Millaudon. 662 more words

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