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¶ Morris — Gothic architecture (1893)

Morris, William. Gothic architecture: a lecture for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1893.

Vellum copy. Inscribed “Sold to Henry Gamman, August 1897, S. 33 more words


William Morris and the Kelmscott Press

The Arts and Crafts Movement initially began in England during the mid 19th century. This movement challenged the aesthetics of the Victoria Era and showed a newfound appreciation for the decorative arts (“Arts and Crafts Movement”). 322 more words

¶ Morris — Well at the world's end (1896)

Morris, William. The well at the World’s end. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1896.

Inscribed “to Jenny from William Morris with best love May 23rd 1896.” 13 more words

19th Cent.

¶ Morris — Life and death of Jason (1895)

Morris, William. The life and death of Jason: a poem. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1895.

Inscribed “to Jenny with WM’s best love June 29th 1895.” 13 more words

19th Cent.

¶ Morris — Child Christopher (1895)

Morris, William. Child Christopher and Goldilind the fair. 2 vols. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1895.

Inscribed “to Jenny With WMs’ [sic] best love Kelmscott September 11th 1895.” 13 more words

19th Cent.

¶ Laudes beatae Mariae Virginis (1896)

Laudes beatae Mariae Virginis. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1896.

Since the book was published on 7 August 1896, two months before Morris’s death (3 October), Jenny Morris’s copy may well have come from him, but there is no inscription, probably because by then he was very ill. 13 more words

19th Cent.

¶ Jacobus, de Voragine — Golden legend (1892)

Jacobus, de Voragine. The golden legend. Trans. William Caxton and ed. F. S. Ellis. 3 vols. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1892.

Inscribed “To Jenny With WM’s best love October 28th 1892.” 13 more words

19th Cent.