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The List of Shu : Potential Male Eyes?

After a day of hunting down names and connections I have come to a conclusion. The Eye gods, all gods for that matter, are confusing. The male Eyes are not as well known as the female Eyes. 444 more words


The Eyes Have It

There have been a lot of changes this past year. Started a coven, was president of my local Cuups chapter, and work. With my regular daily prayers, reiki chanting and wait up routine I figured not much would change after Wep Ronpet. 122 more words


Reprogram- a poem

Reprogram, turn off the mind’s blind i

Processing false information

Regurgitated through the helpless generations

Reading the plagiarized text

Hidden spirituality diluted for the survival of the essence… 134 more words

African American

#WCW Hatshepsut the first Queen Pharoah

Forget being known as just a pretty face or the wife of a great man, Hatshepsut Ma’at-ka-Ra reminds us that women have always challenged mainstream roles and expectations. 300 more words


Lessons From Kemet Part I: The Ankh, Maat & Matriarchy

I’m changed by the Kemet Nu Know Thy Self experience, the tour excursion I just took back to Kemet, the Nile Valley region of Egypt and Nubia, specifically designed for people of African descent. 3,121 more words

Black Women

Nebhepetra Mentuhotep: a forgotten legacy

In the world of Egyptology there lives a sad irony: the very fact that pharaohs who did little get world fame, while the ones who did the most remain all but forgotten.   1,096 more words

Ancient Egypt

The Truths of Km t ( Also known as Km.t or Kemet )

The Ancients of Km t had a letter system without vowels. I guess they figured you did not need additional letters for sounds that came out naturally when certain consonants were put together…..smart. 281 more words