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Integrating into a community: Bringing Geb and Nut to Beltane

So, back home (roughly 4 hours away), my pagan friends are getting together to celebrate Beltane/May Day. The themes will center around life/rejuvenation/fertility, but there’s also a strong theme around children (we will crown May Queens and Kings and they will dance around a May Pole). 1,368 more words

Zem Zem

Zem Zem at The Earth Center in Ouagadougou.

Zem Zem is Kemetic meditation / prayers. Before we start we do ablutions (spiritual cleansing) to purify the body and soul. 29 more words


Afro Combs From Ancient Egypt to My Backpocket Today :D

A new pick arrived today in the mail. Since I’ve left my Frohawk behind my trusty Unbreakable comb couldn’t cope and I have been using the patented styling pick from Antonio’s. 28 more words



Recently, I ventured to an Easter Vigil mass with a friend of mine. It was held by the Episcopalian Church in a small town, and one of the priests leading the service is actually a Celtic Christian who has been invited to use the church for his services whenever he might need. 1,766 more words

The Queen & the Cleaning Lady: A Flash Fiction

Nefertiti’s head turned slowly and she winked.  Or, so it seemed to Natasha.  This is how Tasha starts every work day.  Before assembling all of the cleaning products, tools of her trade, she makes this stop in the antiquities wing of the museum, to stand before the Queen. 120 more words


The Road to 100 Paintings (blog series) 1

The first painting of the year is my appreciation for Black women. Some people call you feisty or sassy because they’re intimidated by you, I call it being a strong black woman.

1/7/16 http://jaygrahm.imagekind.com/