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The Melanin Dosage Test by Cheikh Anta Diop

Below is an extract from an article originally published in French under the title “Pigmentation des anciens Égyptiens. Test par la mélanine” by CHEIKH ANTA DIOP. 3,971 more words



Be patient, be silent

Feel the earth beneath your feet, back straight knees folded,

Third eyes open now and your grounded.

Whistles from the birds, winds blowing through the trees; faint buzz from the bees. 75 more words


Aset (Isis) Lament

“Aset (Isis) Lament”

The Kemetic goddess Aset (Isis) mourning the death (dismemberment) of Ausar (Osiris).

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Offering to the Aten

Inside a dark chapel with only a narrow aperture to let in the sunlight, the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti makes an offering to the sun god Aten. 117 more words


New statue discovered depicting Queen Tiye, King Amenhotep III's wife

Egypt Independent

The European Archeological Mission has discovered an alabaster statue that they say probably depicts Queen Tiye, the wife of King Amenhotep III, during an excavation mission at Kom Al-Hitan in Luxor. 186 more words