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Why it doesn't matter if white people once lived in caves

In a system of white supremacy where people of color lose on a 24/7 schedule, wins are often manufactured. They have to be. “Manufactured” as in created from nothing or created with the materials around you. 403 more words


A Truth About the Eye of Horus / Re

Close to two years ago, I had a dream of the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Re. In the dream, I was in a classroom and the eye was put up on a wall. 340 more words



Myth?  Her-em-akhet or Sphinx is Half Negroid Wo-man and Half Dog.  When RA/Osiris (Hydrogen) left Isis (Oxygen) she had no way to reproduce their offspring.  She made the decision to bear the children of Set (who has no Oxygen or Feminine aspect) until RA returned.   9 more words


All Seeing Eye

The Lord of Time 



New Kemetic Year

The new Kemetic year is here.

I had the honor of serving as a priest at the Wep Ronpet retreat this past week. Man am I tired. 98 more words


Sirius Star System

The Ancient Kemetian representation of Sirius Star System is a Sothis Cow, not a Dog as depicted by the modern Zodiac.   Another example of the northern invaders corruption.   99 more words


Set and Aset: Epagomenal Days 3 & 4

This post will have to be short, but suffice it to say:

Set’s day was one of finding my passion in my work once more, while realizing the things I would have to cut out or away in order to succeed. 121 more words