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Best 3 Games with...Egyptian Theme!

I have not played a glut of games that are set in Ancient Egypt but have played enough that I think I can pick out my favorite three games that integrate this theme well into the game mechanics. 1,031 more words


hypermasculinization of Us (Black Men)

Hyper-masculinity can be loosely defined as a psychological term to describe male stereotypical behaviour with emphasis placed on physical strength, aggression and sexuality.

Boys don’t cry. 721 more words

Heru who?

I grew up in a Southern, Baptist Church. Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday you could find me devoting some time to worshiping God… 860 more words


Isis the Enchantress

This is the digitally colored version of something I posted earlier…

Isis, who is perhaps the most famous of all the Egyptian goddesses, is ready to cast one of her magic spells. 81 more words


Cats, Ankhs, & Eyes

Cats… ew, right?

Well, that may be the way that society thinks. I, myself, happen to love the furry
majestic companions with the larger than life personalities. 610 more words


Ancient Kemet and Ancient Africa Concepts and key dates

” You have to battle every day to reach your higher conscious” Egyptian concept

Kemet or ‘km.t’ is an Ancient Egyptian word which translates to the “black land” or “the land of the black soil” and was one of the names used by Ancient Egyptians to refer to  3,922 more words

Ma'at the Goddess of Justice

In the ancient Egyptian worldview, Ma’at was a concept representing truth, justice, and order in the universe. It formed the basis of morality that every Egyptian citizen had to follow and every Pharaoh had to uphold. 52 more words