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The Story of Jamaica

It is often said in the discourses of post-colonial studies that there are two Jamaicas: Spanish Jamaica and British Jamaica. It is quite evident as to why one would think this, since what is written of the land we call Jamaica is mainly attributed to the Spanish and British colonisers. 1,594 more words



Prince of Peace

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Imhotep was born in Kmt (Ancient Egypt) some 5000 years ago *¹, (his birthday was celebrated on around May 31st) possibly during the reign of… 1,530 more words

Black History

Who were the ancient Egyptians?

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(Speech delivered at Dr. Erna Brodber’s Black Space in Woodside St. Mary on the occasion of Emancipation Day Celebrations in Jamaica) 6,234 more words
Black History

Queens of Courage 1

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Queen Mother Ahmes Nefertari

of Ancient Egypt  (Kemet)

Imhotep was God of Africa’s Golden Age. The Prince of Peace presided over the greatest periods of Kemetic expansion and accomplishment. 1,489 more words

Black History

The Racial, Religious and National Heritage of the Jamaican people

 A Sure Foundation for a Certain future  

The Hero 

The oldest monument known to mankind is the Her-em-Akhet (Hero on the Horizon) called by the Greeks, … 2,712 more words


Asking Mr. Jones To Save Us From Whitey

From Guest Contributor, Majadi Baruti

When he asked, “What happened to BLACK Liberation Revolution?”

I answered with unintended but pregnant verse . . .

It became the insanity of youtube videos and… 264 more words

Black stone sin

🔺If a Muslim pilgrim
is asked as to why they feel it necessary to kiss the Black Stone, or acknowledge it by the palms of their hands on each circuit of the Ka’aba, the answer is usually supported with a reference to Prophetic practice (sunnah). 287 more words