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Km.t Knowledge - Overstand - Feb. 25, 2015

Legend of:

Nut: Nuit, Nwt (New-Eat), and Nueth

Nut was a very beautiful and kind goddess. Her nature: loving, and caring. Nuwet fell in love with… 116 more words


Marcus Garvey - "One God, One Aim, One Destiny"

Garvey was born in Jamaica and immigrated to Harlem in 1916 at the age of 28. In his homeland he had been an admirer of… 471 more words


Kemet is One of the Best Board Games I've Played in Awhile

Kemet is one of those rare mixes of “everyone’s still at the table by the end” civ-building eurogaming and brutally cutthroat wargaming that offers something for people who want to build temples, employ priests, pray and get victory points but also something for someone like me who enjoys sending a horde led by an ancient mummy to ransack people’s cities. 756 more words


No Lines

At the gate of patience there is no crowding.

                                   — Moroccan Proverb


Brothas & Sistahs U are NOT Black! Get the Facts,

By Dr. Yaffa Bey, Ase:
The American Autochthons of the Washitaw Empirical Nation currently call themselves, and are identified by others, as people of color, Negroes, Blacks, Black-Americans, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, Moors, Moorish, Moorish Americans, Moslems, Black-Indians, Niggahs, etc. 824 more words