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Racism, Classism, Sexism and Religious Intolerance are Children of the Dark Brothers Disdain, Deception and Destruction

“You do not know that you are being deceived because you are deceived.” Quote from a Wise Woman


The cover picture is a statue of Janusz Korczak, Polish-Jewish pediatrian and orphanage owner, who is said to have accompanied children he cared for into Nazi death camps and who refused to leave said children, possibly dying with them despite being given multiple opportunities to save himself. 2,665 more words



Advancing are the selected

Kemetic Gods resurrected

Whom Lightening Hearts directed

Building a nation connected

Illuminating beauties

Who guard our duties

Sun kissed skin with a mahogany glow… 18 more words

In Thoth's Arms

You make me feel so safe
like everything is actually going to be okay
father hold me close
in your heart in where I keep my hopes.



Chubby witch here and this post is dedicated to Nephthys.

She’s an Egyptian goddess best known for being the wife of Set mother of Anubis, and sister of Isis. 227 more words


A Daughters Frustration

Thoth, my father, my creator, I do love you so. But im starting to resent you. You have so many followers, you have so many worshipers, so many that see you in a perfect flawless light, and I think you like it, I think that you like it a lot. 217 more words


Travel Shrine/Senut Shrine

I made this for a variety of reasons. One, I’m heading to North Carolina for a week. Two, I need something for senut that’s portable, because my room is a hellish mess. 207 more words