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Visions of the Cosmic Take Form

In this exhibit we see David’s visions of the Cosmic take form. His colors merge and undulate like huge galaxies. This renowned African American artist believes that “The sign of a genuine work of art is that it can stir our unconscious feelings and past emotional experiences, while inspiring self-awareness and cultural integrity.” David is recognized as a major contributor to the art of the 21st century because of his brilliant manner in which he visualizes his objects and scenes. 107 more words

Current Exhibit

A Kemetic Christmas Story

A married couple semi-retired from work to spend more time studying what life is REALly about. During their first spring of freedom, Nana and Papa decided to begin a ritual of sun-gazing as a way to energize their thoughts each morning from the front porch that faced east on a northern hemisphere sky. 747 more words


Kemet and Science: Mathematics

MATHEMATICS (arithmetic, algebra and geometry)
Mathematics is an important field of science in which the ancient Kemetyu worked. The accurate measurements of their enormous architectural and sculptural monuments are worthy proof of their preoccupation with precision. 992 more words


Kemet and Science: Surgery

The Kemetyu contribution to science and applied mathematics has left a valuable legacy in the fields of physics, chemistry, zoology, geology, medicine, pharmacology, geometry and applied mathematics. 580 more words


Kemet and Science: Medicine

Medical knowledge can be considered as one of the most important early scientific contributions of the ancient Kemetyu to the history of man.
Documents show in detail the titles of Egyptian physicians and their different fields of specialization. 543 more words


African elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, researchers say

An increasing number of African elephants are now born tuskless because poachers have consistently targetted animals with the best ivory over decades, fundamentally altering the gene pool. 380 more words