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Black History Month: Kemet

‘Kemet’ was one of the ancient names given to the country that later became known as ‘Egypt’. However, more recently ‘Kemet’ implies an African-focused approach to the study of the ancient culture. 108 more words

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No Way as the Way

​My way might not be your way.

But it’s okay, it’s alright.

Your way might not be my way

But it’s okay, It’s alright
Yea, I used to go to church… 372 more words

Isis from Age of Mythology Redrawn...Again

Around a year ago I drew my version of the Egyptian goddess Isis as she was portrayed in the RTS game Age of Mythology. But since I’ve grown embarrassed at how I drew people and their anatomy back in those days, I’ve taken another shot at the same theme.


Black History Month: Kemet

Kemet: Understanding African-centred Egyptology Lecture, Dr. Sally-Ann Ashton

Note: ‘Kemet’ was one of the ancient names given to the country that later became known as ‘Egypt’.

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Egyptian Kiss

The forces of evolution have given this Egyptian maiden a luscious set of lips, and she is going to employ that asset to full effect. Now that she’s puckered up, here it comes… :D


Visions of the Cosmic Take Form

In this exhibit we see David’s visions of the Cosmic take form. His colors merge and undulate like huge galaxies. This renowned African American artist believes that “The sign of a genuine work of art is that it can stir our unconscious feelings and past emotional experiences, while inspiring self-awareness and cultural integrity.” David is recognized as a major contributor to the art of the 21st century because of his brilliant manner in which he visualizes his objects and scenes. 107 more words

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