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Asking Mr. Jones To Save Us From Whitey

From Guest Contributor, Majadi Baruti

When he asked, “What happened to BLACK Liberation Revolution?”

I answered with unintended but pregnant verse . . .

It became the insanity of youtube videos and… 264 more words

Black stone sin

🔺If a Muslim pilgrim
is asked as to why they feel it necessary to kiss the Black Stone, or acknowledge it by the palms of their hands on each circuit of the Ka’aba, the answer is usually supported with a reference to Prophetic practice (sunnah). 287 more words


This Is King Tutankhamun...

DYK on this day in MoorStory365 that

on November 4, 1922, King Tut’s tomb was found. In November 1922, the wait paid off, when Carter’s team found steps hidden in the debris near the entrance of another tomb. 411 more words


Capacitors on my mind

KEMET Corp has been on my radar for the past month and despite a not so great week, the stock is up 243% over this time last year. 200 more words


Sankofa Books Washington, D.C. 9-30-17

Howard University, Obama, MLK’s “Dream” speech and U Street are my thoughts when I daydream about D.C. My parents were married at Howard, so I’ve always had a connection with chocolate city. 333 more words

KEMET Review..

KEMET enables players to manage an Ancient Egyptian civilization, maneuver your troops to defeat your enemies, control the best territories and enter the legend thanks to your military exploits. 769 more words